3 Spots for Sleeping in Jeju Airport

Jeju Airport, the second busiest airport in South Korea, handles over 29 million passengers annually. Despite its high traffic, the airport offers limited amenities for overnight stays, lacking sleep pods, transit hotels, or in-airport accommodations that are common in other major airports.

This Jeju Airport Sleeping Guide provides essential information on the best alternatives and tips for travelers needing to rest before or after their flights, ensuring a smooth and restful experience despite the airport’s limited sleep amenities.

Sleeping in Jeju Airport Presents Huge Challenges:

The sleep situation at Jeju Airport is challenging due to its nightly closure around midnight, requiring travelers to find alternative accommodations. Unlike Seoul’s Incheon Airport, which offers capsule hotels and sleeping pods, Jeju Airport lacks such dedicated sleeping facilities.

During operating hours, the airport is clean and well-maintained, with popular resting spots including benches in the domestic departures area and near Dunkin Donuts. However, the Wi-Fi connection is often poor, and ATMs may be inaccessible late at night, so it’s essential to have local currency on hand.

For those unable to stay in the terminal overnight, nearby hotels in Jeju City, accessible via a short bus or taxi ride, provide convenient and comfortable options. Travelers should plan ahead, especially for early morning flights, to ensure a smooth and restful experience.

While Seoul’s Incheon Airport has very high sleep score rating with nap areas and sleeping pods, Jeju Airport and Gimpo Airport lacks sleep pods.

Layover Sleep Within the Airport is Not Possible

Since Jeju Airport does not allow overnight passengers to stay on airport grounds after its closure around midnight, typically between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM, and reopens at 5:00 AM, all passengers are required to leave during these hours. Additionally, the airport lacks sleeping pods, a transit hotel, or any in-airport hotel facilities that passengers can use.

Therefore, the only option is to resort to accommodations outside the airport. Nearby hotels in Jeju City, accessible by a short bus or taxi ride, provide convenient options for a comfortable overnight stay. Planning ahead and booking a hotel in advance will help ensure a smooth and restful experience.

Take Note of Jeju Airport’s Closure Overnight

Jeju Airport, like many regional airports, operates on a schedule that necessitates closure during late-night hours. Understanding these operating hours, the status of security checkpoints, and how to access airside areas is essential for travelers, especially those with early morning or late-night flights.

Airport Operating Hours

Jeju Airport closes shortly before midnight, typically around 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM, depending on specific operational needs and schedules. The airport reopens in the early morning, around 5:00 AM. This closure can be particularly challenging for travelers with early morning flights or late arrivals, as it limits the ability to stay overnight within the terminal.

Security Checkpoints

Closing Times: Security checkpoints close along with the airport itself, usually around 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Once the airport is closed, all passengers are required to leave the terminal, and access to airside areas is restricted.

Reopening Times: Security checkpoints reopen early in the morning, around 5:00 AM. This timing aligns with the reopening of the airport and the start of the first flights of the day.

Accessing Airside Areas

For travelers looking to access airside areas, it is crucial to be aware of the following:

  • Pre-Security Wait: If you arrive at the airport during its closure hours, you will not be able to access airside areas until the security checkpoints reopen. Plan to arrive at the airport early enough to pass through security once it opens, especially for early morning flights.
  • Overnight Accommodation: Since the airport does not permit overnight stays, it is advisable to book nearby accommodations. There are numerous hotels and motels in Jeju City, accessible via a short bus or taxi ride. Options range from luxury hotels like Lotte and Best Western to more budget-friendly choices.
  • Transportation: Public transportation, including buses, typically stops operating between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. If you have a late arrival or an early departure, be prepared to arrange alternative transportation, such as taxis, which can be more expensive.
  • Plan Ahead: Ensure you have local currency (Korean won) as ATMs and currency exchange services might be unavailable late at night. Having cash on hand will help you manage transportation and any immediate needs upon arrival.

Practical Recommendations

  • Early Arrival: Arrive at the airport well before closing time to complete any necessary procedures and avoid being caught off guard by the closure.
  • Hotel Bookings: Book a nearby hotel in advance if you have an early morning flight or if you arrive late at night. This will ensure you have a comfortable place to rest.
  • Monitor Schedules: Keep an eye on flight schedules and weather conditions. In case of delays or cancellations, be prepared for possible disruptions and the need to make alternative arrangements.

Unfortunately, Jeju Airport Lacks Sleeping Pods:

The lack of innovative compact sleep facilities such as sleeping pods or capsule hotels significantly reduces the sleep score rating of Jeju Airport. The airport’s nightly closure around midnight, coupled with limited in-terminal sleep amenities like designated sleep zones, poses a challenge for travelers needing rest.

Despite being the second busiest airport in South Korea, handling over 29 million passengers annually, Jeju Airport has yet to install much-needed sleeping pods.

In contrast, Seoul’s Incheon Airport, the busiest in the country, boasts 120 sleep pods operated by Darakhyu, offering compact rooms as small as 4.3㎡. This discrepancy highlights a gap in Jeju Airport’s accommodations, impacting its overall appeal for travelers seeking convenient and comfortable overnight rest options.

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Benefits of Capsule Hotel such as Darakhyu Capsule Hotel that Jeju Airport is Missing with Lack of Pods:

  1. Convenient Overnight Rest: Since Jeju Airport closes around 11 PM and midnight, a Capsule Hotel would provide a comfortable place to sleep within the airport, eliminating the need to leave for overnight layovers.
  2. Privacy: Offers a private, quiet space for rest, addressing the challenge of finding a peaceful area in the busy airport environment.
  3. Compact and Efficient: Space-saving design ensures efficient use of limited airport real estate, ideal for Jeju’s growing passenger traffic.
  4. Enhanced Passenger Experience: Improves overall passenger satisfaction by providing much-needed rest facilities within the terminal.
  5. Secure Environment: Provides a safe and secure place to rest, with lockable doors and personal storage, addressing security concerns.
  6. Accessibility: Makes it easier for passengers to catch early flights without the inconvenience of finding transportation late at night or early in the morning.
  7. Amenities: Equipped with essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging ports, and comfortable bedding, which are currently lacking at Jeju Airport.
  8. Reduced Stress: Helps reduce travel-related stress by offering a reliable and convenient resting option within the airport.
  9. Modern Appeal: Adds a modern and innovative touch to Jeju Airport’s infrastructure, aligning it with global standards.
  10. Attracts More Travelers: Enhances the airport’s reputation and attractiveness to transit passengers looking for convenient rest options, making Jeju a more appealing travel hub.

Drawbacks of Capsule Hotels

  1. Limited Space: Capsule hotels offer very compact spaces, which might feel claustrophobic to some travelers.
  2. Lack of Amenities: Unlike traditional hotel rooms, capsule hotels often lack comprehensive amenities such as private bathrooms, full-size beds, and ample storage space.
  3. Noise Levels: Despite being private, the thin walls of capsules may not effectively block out noise from neighboring pods or common areas.
  4. Pricing: While most capsule hotels are priced affordable cheaper than hotel rooms, some sleep pod brands price their pods highly. Incheon’s Darakhyu’s Capsule Hotel pricing is relatively affordable with rates as low as $20 for 3-hour access with shower and about $46 for overnight stay.
  5. Comfort: The small size of capsules can limit movement and comfort, especially for taller or larger individuals.
  6. Limited Suitability: Not ideal for families or travelers with significant luggage due to the constrained space and storage options.
  7. Social Isolation: The design of capsule hotels can lead to a lack of social interaction, which might not appeal to all travelers.
  8. Air Circulation: Limited ventilation within capsules can lead to stuffiness and discomfort over longer periods.
  9. Accessibility Issues: Capsule hotels may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues or those requiring special accommodations.

Best Locations to Sleep at Jeju Airport:

While Jeju Airport provides clean and well-maintained facilities, its early closure necessitates strategic planning for overnight stays. Use the facilities during operating hours and have a backup plan for accommodation nearby to ensure a restful and hassle-free experience.

Domestic Departures Area

  • Pros: Comfortable benches, relatively quiet during the late evening.
  • Cons: Airport staff might ask you to leave around 11 PM as the airport closes for the night.
  • Expert Note: Ideal for a short rest before finding alternative accommodations. Carry a blanket for added comfort.

Near Dunkin Donuts

  • Pros: Convenient access to food and beverages until late evening, though you need Korean currency.
  • Cons: Poor Wi-Fi connection and limited ATM access late at night.
  • Expert Note: Suitable for a brief rest while waiting for early morning flights. Ensure you have local currency beforehand.

General Terminal Areas

  • Pros: Clean, well-maintained facilities with access to restaurants, cafes, and duty-free shops.
  • Cons: Closes by midnight, requiring travelers to leave or find nearby hotels.
  • Expert Note: Great for resting during operating hours. Consider nearby hotel options for overnight stays.

Jeju City Hotels

  • Pros: Numerous options ranging from luxury to budget accommodations, easily accessible by a short bus or taxi ride.
  • Cons: Airport transportation may be limited late at night, necessitating advance planning.
  • Expert Note: Reliable and comfortable option for overnight stays. Pre-booking a hotel can save you from last-minute hassles.

Temporary Allowance for Overnight Stay During Delays

  • Pros: During significant weather disruptions, the airport has allowed travelers to stay overnight.
  • Cons: This is not a guaranteed option and depends on specific circumstances.
  • Expert Note: Be prepared for floor sleeping in case of weather-related delays. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and airport announcements.

Practical Tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Given the airport’s early closure, arranging transportation and accommodation in advance is crucial, especially for early morning flights.
  • Currency and Wi-Fi: Ensure you have Korean currency before arrival, and be prepared for limited Wi-Fi access.
  • Nearby Hotels: Consider nearby hotels for a guaranteed place to sleep. Options include Lotte, Best Western, and Howard Johnson.

You can take the bus from JEJ to different accommodation options near the airport:

Public Transport Bus for Layover Passengers at Jeju Airport

Layover passengers can take the public transport bus from the designated bus stops located at Jeju Airport. Specifically, for the 600 bus route, passengers can board at the Limousine Stop located in front of Gate 5. Here are the details:

  • Bus Route: 600
  • Bus Stop Location: Limousine Stop in front of Gate 5
  • Fare: Increases proportionally to distance after transfer
  • First Bus: 06:00 AM
  • Last Bus: 10:40 PM
  • Operation Interval: 16 to 40 minutes
  • Contact Information: Samyeong Transportation – 064-713-7000
  • Bus Operator Website: Jeju Public Transport Information
Map Showing the Jeju Bus Shuttle Route. See More on this website.

Route Highlights:

The 600 bus route covers major destinations, including Jeju International Airport, key hotels, hospitals, resorts, and landmarks, ending at Seogwipo KAL Hotel. Below are some notable stops:

  1. Jeju International Airport
  2. Jeju Sun Hotel
  3. Halla Hospital
  4. Jungmun Resort Entrance
  6. The Shilla Hotel
  7. Lotte Hotel
  8. Jeju International Convention Center
  9. Jeju World Cup Stadium
  10. Seogwipo KAL Hotel (Last Stop)

This bus route provides a convenient and reliable way for passengers to travel between Jeju Airport and various destinations across the island, making it ideal for layover passengers needing transport.

Alternative Sleep Options – Hotels Near Jeju:

Here is a list of 15 hotels closest to Jeju Airport, including their distance from the airport, review highlights, addresses, and average review ratings:

Hotel NameDistance from AirportReview HighlightsAddressAverage Review Rating
Hotel Kenny Story Jeju1.1 milesModern, spacious rooms with a big TV and well-equipped bathroom124, Doryeong-ro, Jeju4
Lotte City Hotels Jeju1.2 milesGreat location on Sammu-ro, convenient for shopping and close to the airport83 Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.5
Hotel Sirius Jeju1.0 milesFriendly staff, near the airport, good breakfast, and clean swimming pool133, Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.0
Ventimo Hotel & Residence1.1 milesQuiet and comfortable, very close to the airport, with a comfortable bed14, Yeonsam-ro, Jeju4.5
Mon Dieu Hotel0.4 milesClean and spacious rooms, convenient location near the airport382, Seohaean-ro, Jeju3.5
Pampas Hotel Jeju0.3 milesClose to the airport, spacious rooms, good value for the price368-3, Seohaean-ro, Jeju4.0
Hotel Samhaein1.2 milesGreat location, friendly staff, and free parking108, Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.0
Mer Bleue Hotel0.3 milesClean, spacious rooms, close to the airport but not ideal for shopping368, Seohaean-ro, Jeju3.5
Hotel Leo1.3 milesClean rooms with ocean views, attentive staff, and good location14 Sammu-ro, Jeju4.5
Amoureux Resort1.0 milesClean rooms with ocean view, close to the airport, good for short stays216, Seohaean-ro, Jeju3.5
Grim Resort1.0 milesSmall hotel with clean rooms, excellent service, and close to the airport620-1, Seohaean-ro, Jeju4.0
Gallery Hotel BnB1.2 milesGood location close to shopping and restaurants, narrow rooms, no bath towels48, Sammu-ro 3-gil, Jeju3.5
Benikea Marina Hotel1.2 milesBasic but good for one night, within walking distance to the airport, has a gym (closed due to COVID-19)45 Sindae-ro, Jeju3.5
Jeju Noblesse Tourist Hotel1.0 milesConvenient location for short stays, close to restaurants and the airport19, Wolseong-ro 4-gil, Jeju3.5
Amber Hotel Jeju1.3 milesBig rooms with working TV and air conditioning, hard beds, needs washroom maintenance12, Sammu-ro, Jeju4.0
This list provides a variety of options for accommodations near Jeju Airport, catering to different preferences and budgets. Each hotel offers its own set of amenities and unique features, making it easier for travelers to find a suitable place to stay.

Budget-friendly hotel options near Jeju Airport:

Here is a list of 15 of the cheapest hotels near Jeju Airport, including their distance from the airport, pricing, review highlights, address, and average review rating:

Hotel NameDistance from AirportPricingReview HighlightsAddressAverage Review Rating
Jeju Royal Hotel1.4 miles$19Spacious rooms, helpful staff, close to the airport and restaurants, some mosquitoes issues45, Sindae-ro 12-gil, Jeju2.5
Jeju Fourseasons Hotel1.5 miles$28Clean, comfortable, good location near shopping and dining areas19, Wonnohyeong 3-gil, Jeju4
Hotel JM1.3 miles$30Friendly staff, spacious rooms, good location10-7, Sammu-ro 1-gil, Jeju3.5
Hotel Skypark Jeju11.3 miles$44Convenient, close to the airport, 7-Eleven in the lobby, basic services48, Sammu-ro, Jeju4.0
J2 Hotel1.3 miles$44Spacious family rooms, great location, good value for money37, Sammu-ro 3-gil, Jeju3.5
Haema Hotel1.3 miles$36Clean rooms, helpful staff, good breakfast28, Sammu-ro, Jeju3.0
Reve Hotel Jeju1.4 miles$37Clean and simple, convenient location near shopping and dining15, Eunnam 1-gil, Jeju3.5
Hotel W Shin Jeju1.5 miles$38Clean and modern rooms, good location, friendly staff42, Eunnam 4-gil, Jeju4.0
Pampas Hotel Jeju0.3 miles$41Budget-friendly, good location, clean and spacious rooms368-3, Seohaean-ro, Jeju4.0
Amoureux Pension1.0 miles$42Clean and spacious rooms, convenient location1742 Dodu 1-dong, Jeju3.5
Diamond Hotel1.4 miles$33Basic but clean rooms, good location near airport and shopping42, Sindae-ro 12-gil, Jeju3.0
Hotel At Noon1.4 miles$38Clean rooms, good location for self-drive tourists8, Eunnam 1-gil, Jeju3.5
Hotel Major21.5 miles$49Good location near shopping and dining, clean but small rooms40, Eunnam 4-gil, Jeju3.5
Best Western Jeju Hotel1.5 miles$51Good value for money, near the airport, spacious and clean rooms27 Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.0
Jeju Noblesse Tourist Hotel1.0 miles$46Clean rooms, nice ocean view from balcony, convenient for short stays19, Wolseong-ro 4-gil, Jeju3.5
These hotels offer a range of affordable options close to Jeju Airport, each with unique features and amenities to suit different preferences and budgets.

Hotels with Free Shuttle:

Here is an expanded table with 10 hotels near Jeju Airport that offer free shuttle services, including their distance from the airport, pricing, review highlights, address, and average review rating:

Hotel NameDistance from AirportPricingReview HighlightsAddressAverage Review Rating
Maison Glad Jeju1.6 miles$124Highly rated, great location, clean rooms, good serviceJeju, South Korea4.5
Hotel Leo1.3 miles$55Convenient location, friendly staff, clean and spacious roomsJeju, South Korea4.5
Lotte City Hotels Jeju1.2 miles$116Excellent location, modern amenities, spacious rooms83 Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.5
Shilla Stay Jeju1.6 miles$121Comfortable and clean rooms, good breakfast, close to shopping areasJeju, South Korea4.5
Ramada Plaza Jeju1.8 miles$126Luxurious amenities, great location, good for business travelersJeju, South Korea4.0
Jeju Oriental Hotel & Casino1.9 miles$66Convenient location, good value, friendly staffJeju, South Korea4.0
Best Western Jeju Hotel1.5 miles$51Great value for money, clean and spacious rooms, close to airport27 Doryeong-ro, Jeju4.0
Hotel Regentmarine Jeju2.3 miles$77Modern and clean, great views, friendly staffJeju, South Korea4.0
Hotel Whistlelark2.3 miles$62Good location near the beach, clean rooms, helpful staffJeju, South Korea4.0
Grand Hyatt Jeju1.7 miles$285High-end hotel, excellent service, luxurious rooms, good for business and leisureJeju, South Korea4.5
These hotels offer free shuttle services, making them convenient choices for travelers seeking easy transport to and from Jeju Airport. Each hotel provides a range of amenities and highlights to suit various preferences and budgets.


Can I stay in the landside of the airport once its closes overnight or it is not allowed ?

At Jeju Airport, staying in the landside area overnight is not allowed. The airport closes entirely around midnight and reopens at 5:00 AM, meaning all passengers must leave the premises during these hours. If you have an early morning flight or arrive late at night, it is essential to arrange alternative accommodations in advance. Nearby hotels in Jeju City, accessible by a short bus or taxi ride, offer a range of options for a comfortable overnight stay. Planning ahead will help ensure a smooth and restful experience.

Can I sleep overnight at Jeju Airport?

No, you cannot sleep overnight at Jeju Airport. The airport closes around midnight, typically between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM, and reopens at 5:00 AM. All passengers are required to leave the premises during these hours. If you have an early morning flight or a late arrival, it is essential to arrange for alternative accommodations.

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