Luton Airport Sleeping Pods Are Suited Only for Short Rest

London Luton Airport(LTN) has seen substantial growth over the years, particularly as a hub for low-cost carriers. Some claim that the ‘Airline’ TV series boosted its profile and partly contributed to its growth. By 1999, it was handling 4.4 million passengers annually, and this figure continued to rise, reaching 13.2 million in 2023(Read Luton’s Wikipedia Page here).

To keep up with this growth, Luton Airport has undergone significant expansions, including a £200 million investment to enhance infrastructure and services. These improvements aim to accommodate increasing passenger numbers and improve the overall travel experience.

If you’ve got a long layover at this airport and wondering about sleep options, this guide is for you. You’ll find info on Aspire SnoozePods, its limitations, the lack of true 24/7 capsule pods, and recommendations for suitable sleep areas within its terminals. We’ve also included a few recommendations for more comfortable sleep at nearby hotels.

What Kind of Sleep Pods Does Luton Airport Have?

Luton Airport (LTN) features MetroNaps EnergyPod Sleep Pods, known for their innovative nap capsule technology. These pods are specifically designed for short periods of rest, making them suitable for travelers needing a quick power nap rather than extended sleep.

The EnergyPods, operated by MyLounge, provide a semi-private environment where users can enjoy a 20-minute nap cycle. They include features like a reclining seat that converts into a flat surface, a pull-down shade for reduced light exposure, and a gentle wake-up mechanism to ensure travelers don’t oversleep. However, they are not available 24/7, as their use is limited to the lounge’s operating hours (04:00 – 21:00), and access is only available as an add-on to other lounge amenities.

While these nap capsule pods offer a convenient solution for brief rest periods, they are not recommended for those needing extended sleep due to their limited availability and designed use for short naps.

Luton Airport’s Aspire SnoozePods are Lounge Capsule Pods for Short Naps:

Luton Airport (LTN) does not offer traditional sleeping pods available 24/7 for layover passengers looking for convenient in-terminal sleep, unlike other London airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow. However, Luton does provide EnergyPod Sleep Pods operated by MyLounge(Aspire Executive Lounge). These pods are not available 24/7 and lack the flexibility typically associated with true sleep pod solutions found in other airports.

The EnergyPod Sleep Pods at Luton Airport are designed for short, 20-minute nap cycles and are offered as an add-on complimentary feature along with other lounge amenities. This means travelers must access MyLounge to use the pods, which are available only during the lounge’s operating hours from 04:00 to 21:00 daily.

Read the key differences between Airport Sleep Lounges and Sleep Pods.

aspire-snoozepod in London Luton Airport
Aspire Snoozepod in London Luton Airport. Credit: MetroNaps

Nap Cycle

  • Design: The Aspire SnoozePods are designed specifically for short, 20-minute nap cycles. They gently wake you up after each cycle, ensuring you get a power nap without oversleeping.


  • Terminal: Main Terminal (Inside Security)
  • Specific Area: You will find My Lounge at Luton Airport after security and duty-free, in the main departure hall, next to Accessorize.

Lounge Access and Hours

  • Opening Hours: The lounge is open daily from 04:00 to 21:00.
  • Access Requirements: Access to the Aspire SnoozePods is included with entry to My Lounge.


  • Adults and Children Aged 11+: £37.99
  • Children Aged 2 to 11: £21.49
  • Infants Under 2: Free

Features and Amenities

Aspire SnoozePods

  • Comfort: Each pod provides a quiet, dark environment with a reclining seat that converts into a flat sleeping surface.
  • Privacy: Pods come with a pull-down shade to block out light and reduce noise, offering a semi-private space.
  • Wake-Up Mechanism: Designed for 20-minute naps, the pods will wake you up gently after the nap cycle.
  • Amenities: Equipped with a pillow, blanket, power outlets, reading light, and small storage area.

My Lounge Amenities

  • Food and Beverages: Complimentary snacks, meals, and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.
  • Wi-Fi: Free, high-speed internet access.
  • Showers: Available for freshening up.
  • Seating Areas: Comfortable seating with various options for relaxation and work.
  • Entertainment: Magazines, newspapers, and TVs for entertainment.

Booking and Reservations

  • Online Reservations: It is advisable to book access to My Lounge in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak travel times. Reservations can be made through the My Lounge website or partner booking sites.
  • Walk-Ins: Access may be available for walk-in customers on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Limitations of LTN’s Aspire SnoozePods:

  • Limited Availability: Only available during My Lounge operating hours (04:00 – 21:00).
  • Short Nap Cycles: Designed for 20-minute nap cycles, not suitable for longer rest periods.
  • Lounge Access Required: Access to the SnoozePods is only available as part of My Lounge services, requiring an additional lounge entry fee.
  • Not 24/7: Pods are not available around the clock, limiting their usefulness for late-night or early-morning travelers.
  • Limited Number of Pods: Limited quantity of SnoozePods, which may result in unavailability during peak times.
  • Lack of Full Privacy: Semi-private design with pull-down shades, but not fully enclosed or soundproof.
  • No Full Recline: Pods offer a flat sleeping surface but may not provide the same comfort as a fully reclining seat or bed.
  • Noise and Light: While designed to reduce noise and block light, they are not entirely soundproof or dark.
  • No Personal Climate Control: Basic temperature control with a fan, but no advanced climate control features.
  • Additional Costs: Combined cost of lounge access and pod use can be higher than other in-terminal sleeping options.

Are True 24/7 Sleep Pods Coming to LTN Soon?

Unfortunately, there are currently no details on any plans for the installation of independent sleep pod solutions at Luton Airport that operate outside of lounge hours and are available 24/7.

Despite Luton’s ongoing significant expansion and development plans, which aim to increase the airport’s capacity from 18 million to 32 million passengers per year, the installation of dedicated sleeping pods has not been included in the airport’s ambitious master plan, as reported by Luton Rising, the airport’s operator.

Therefore, while Luton’s EnergyPod Sleep Pods provide a brief respite for travelers, they do not offer the same level of convenience and flexibility as the sleep pods available at other major airports.

Where to Sleep at Luton Airport:

After reviewing several sleep reviews of Luton Airport (LTN) from sources such as, TripAdvisor, and forums like Reddit, and verifying the claims with further research, we have compiled our recommendations for sleep areas within LTN’s terminals.

These free DIY sleep alternatives to paid sleep options, such as nap pods and hotel stays, offer a range of comfort and convenience based on user experiences.

Below are all our recommendations for sleeping in London’s Luton Airport;

Chapel Outside the Airport

  • Pros: Warm temperature, relatively quiet, and secluded. Comfortable chairs with no armrests.
  • Cons: No drinkable tap water nearby. Occasional noise from the bus stop and passersby.
  • Location: Outside the main terminal building, accessible by walking.

Soft Couches Between Gates 5 and 6

  • Pros: Comfortable armchairs and sofas.
  • Cons: Limited availability; can be challenging to find.
  • Location: Near Gates 5 and 6, inside the terminal.

Pret a Manger Corner Seat

  • Pros: Padded bench seats, relatively quiet, and not crowded.
  • Cons: Bright lights and air conditioning can be uncomfortable for long periods.
  • Location: Pret a Manger, before security.

Starbucks Armchairs

  • Pros: Comfortable armchairs, warm environment, and open 24 hours.
  • Cons: Bright lights and loud announcements. Potentially hot during the summer.
  • Location: Landside, in the main terminal area.

Arrival Area Benches

  • Pros: Relatively peaceful, benches without armrests, clean bathrooms nearby.
  • Cons: Crowded, occasional construction noise, and early morning disturbances.
  • Location: Arrival area, landside.

Hallway Near the Chapel

  • Pros: Secluded, quiet, and no armrests on chairs.
  • Cons: Limited seating and occasional noise from the bus stop.
  • Location: Hallway leading to the chapel outside the main terminal.

Seats Near the Check-in Area

  • Pros: Windowsill to rest feet, relatively quiet.
  • Cons: Armrests on chairs, can be bright.
  • Location: Check-in area, far right side, overlooking the car park.

Food Village Benches

  • Pros: Available for use if you arrive early.
  • Cons: Often fully occupied, especially at night.
  • Location: Food Village, main terminal.

Bar des Voyageurs Area

  • Pros: Semi-circular seating, space to stretch out.
  • Cons: Often crowded and noisy.
  • Location: Near Bar des Voyageurs, main terminal.

Onward Travel Centre

  • Pros: Carpeted floors, available space to sleep on the ground.
  • Cons: Limited seating, noisy environment.
  • Location: Near the Arrivals area.

Each location has its pros and cons, so it’s best to arrive early to secure a good spot and bring essential items like a blanket or eye mask for a more comfortable sleep.

Can I Sleep at Luton Airport Overnight?

Yes, you can sleep or stay overnight at Luton Airport. The airport remains open 24 hours, but there are a few important details to keep in mind to ensure a comfortable stay.

Airport Hours and Security Checkpoints

Luton Airport is operational throughout the night. However, the security checkpoints do close for a few hours. Security typically closes after the last evening flight, around midnight, and reopens at approximately 3:00 AM. During these hours, you will not have access to the airside (the area past security), so you must stay in the landside part of the terminal.

Overnight Stay Tips

  1. Comfortable Spots: The landside area has limited seating without armrests, so finding a comfortable spot can be challenging. Some of the better spots include the benches near the check-in counters and the seating areas in cafés like Pret a Manger and Starbucks, which provide cushioned chairs.
  2. Preparation: Given the bright lights and noise from cleaning activities and announcements, it’s wise to bring an eye mask and earplugs. The terminal can also be quite cold, so having an extra layer or a blanket can make a significant difference.
  3. Safety and Amenities: The airport is generally safe, with security patrolling the area. Bathrooms remain open 24 hours, and there are some 24-hour food options available, though they can be limited.
  4. Airside Access: If your flight departs early in the morning, you can move to the airside as soon as security reopens at around 3:00 AM. The airside has more comfortable seating, but it also fills up quickly, so it’s beneficial to move there as soon as possible.

By keeping these tips in mind and preparing adequately, you can make your overnight stay at Luton Airport as comfortable as possible. For more detailed information on facilities and updates, check the official Luton Airport website or contact their customer service.

Summary of Flier Reviews on Sleeping at Luton Airport

Positive Sentiments:

  • Chapel Outside the Airport: Many travelers appreciate the quiet and warm chapel outside the airport, which provides a hidden and rarely visited spot for a restful sleep. The comfortable chairs without armrests and the hallway with additional seating are highlighted as excellent options for overnight stays.
  • Pret a Manger: The padded bench seat in a quiet corner of Pret a Manger is praised for offering a comfortable place for a quick nap before security. Travelers mention that staff and other customers generally do not disturb sleepers here.
  • Starbucks: The soft armchairs at Starbucks are considered a cozy spot, especially since the area is warm and available 24 hours. Bringing an eye mask and earplugs can help mitigate the bright lights and noise.
  • Quiet Corners: Several reviews mention finding quiet corners, such as near the car rental area and outside the airport pub, where well-cushioned armchairs and benches offer decent sleeping spots without much disturbance.

Negative Sentiments:

  • Lack of Drinkable Water: One of the most frequent complaints is the lack of drinkable water sources at the airport. This issue has caused significant inconvenience, especially for those without money to buy bottled water.
  • Uncomfortable Seating: Many reviewers note that the airport’s seating is limited and uncomfortable, with most chairs having armrests that make lying down difficult. The few comfortable spots, such as between gates 5 and 6 or outside the pub, are often hard to find or quickly occupied.
  • Noise and Bright Lights: The airport is described as noisy and brightly lit, making it difficult for travelers to sleep. Frequent announcements, music, and cleaning activities contribute to the disturbance.
  • Cold Temperatures: Several travelers mention that the airport can be quite cold, especially the stone floors. Bringing extra layers or a sleeping bag is recommended to stay warm.
  • General Discomfort: Overall, the airport’s atmosphere is often criticized as being industrial, with long walking distances and limited comfortable seating. The ongoing construction work and the presence of noisy travelers can add to the discomfort.

Is there a Hotel Inside LTN Airport?

Luton Airport (LTN) does not have a hotel directly inside the terminal. However, there are several convenient options located very close to the airport, providing easy access for travelers.

Nearby Hotels:

  1. Holiday Inn Express London – Luton Airport:
    • Distance: Approximately a 10-minute walk from the terminal.
    • Features: Offers comfortable rooms, a 24-hour reception, a bar, and a complimentary breakfast. This hotel is popular for its proximity and convenience.
  2. Ibis London Luton Airport:
    • Distance: About a 10-minute walk from the terminal.
    • Features: Provides modern rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and 24-hour snack services. The Ibis is known for its affordable rates and practical amenities.
  3. Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport:
    • Distance: A 15-minute walk or a short shuttle ride.
    • Features: Offers stylish rooms, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. It is praised for its comfortable accommodations and excellent service.

5 Alternatives for LTN Airport Sleeping Pods: Hotels Near LTN with Free Shuttle Service:

Here are five hotels near Luton Airport that offer free shuttle services, providing convenient options for travelers:

Holiday Inn Express London Luton Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers seeking easy access to the terminal with a quick, hassle-free shuttle service.
  • Additional Features: Offers a complimentary breakfast and comfortable rooms, making it a convenient choice for short stays and early flights.
  • Distance from Airport: 0.2 miles

Ibis London Luton Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Perfect for budget-conscious travelers needing quick access to the airport.
  • Additional Features: Provides modern, comfortable rooms with 24-hour snack service.
  • Distance from Airport: 0.6 miles

Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle service.
  • Suitability: Great for business travelers and those looking for upscale amenities close to the airport.
  • Additional Features: Features a fitness center, on-site dining, and modern rooms.
  • Distance from Airport: 0.3 miles

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers wanting a comfortable stay with dining options and easy airport access.
  • Additional Features: On-site restaurant, fitness center, and spacious rooms.
  • Distance from Airport: 2.5 miles

Premier Inn Luton Airport Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Perfect for families and travelers looking for a reliable and comfortable stay.
  • Additional Features: Known for its family-friendly rooms and on-site dining.
  • Distance from Airport: 1.3 miles

What to expect sleeping at this Airport:

Noise Levels

Luton Airport can be quite noisy throughout the night. Frequent announcements, cleaning activities, and general airport operations contribute to the noise levels. Areas near the main terminal entrance and check-in counters tend to be the loudest due to continuous foot traffic and operational activities.

Bright Lighting

Description: The airport remains brightly lit throughout the night, which can make sleeping difficult. Areas such as the main terminal and seating near the check-in counters are particularly bright. Travelers are advised to bring eye masks to block out the light for better rest.

Temperature Levels

Description: The terminal can get quite cold, especially during the night. Stone floors and a generally cool indoor climate make it essential to bring extra layers or a blanket. This is especially true for those sleeping on the floor near the check-in counters or in areas with fewer people, where it can feel even chillier.

Seating Comfort

Description: Comfortable seating is limited at Luton Airport. Most seats have armrests, making it difficult to lie down. However, there are a few cushioned chairs and benches without armrests in areas like Pret a Manger and Starbucks. Additionally, some travelers have found the chapel outside the airport to offer more comfortable seating options.


Description: The airport is generally safe, with security patrolling the area regularly. However, the presence of security is more noticeable landside, as airside access is restricted when security checkpoints close around midnight and reopen at 3:00 AM. Travelers should remain vigilant and keep personal belongings secure, especially when sleeping.

  1. Chapel Outside the Airport: Offers a quiet, warm place with comfortable chairs. It’s rarely visited, providing a peaceful spot to sleep.
  2. Pret a Manger (Landside): Features a padded bench seat in a quiet corner, suitable for a short nap before security reopens.
  3. Starbucks (Landside): Has soft armchairs that provide a cozy, albeit bright and noisy, spot to rest. Bringing an eye mask and earplugs is recommended.
  4. Between Gates 5 and 6 (Airside): Contains soft, comfortable armchairs and sofas, though finding this area can be tricky.
  5. Near the Car Rental Area (Landside): Offers a bench without armrests, quieter and more comfortable than other seating options.

By understanding these conditions and knowing the best spots to rest, travelers can better prepare for an overnight stay at Luton Airport.

Final Word on LTN Sleep Pods and LTN Sleep:

If MyLounge’s SnoozePods with quick 20-mins naps aren’t suitable for you, you can still find decent spots to rest or nap at Luton Airport or opt for nearby hotels with free shuttle services. Inside the terminal, the chapel outside the airport is a hidden gem, and Pret a Manger and Starbucks offer cushioned seats, though they can be bright and noisy.

If you’re looking for more comfort, consider nearby hotels like Holiday Inn Express, Ibis, and Courtyard by Marriott, which provide free shuttles and comfortable accommodations, making your stay much more restful and convenient.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.