Guide to Sleeping at Palma de Mallorca Airport

Navigating a night’s stay at Palma de Mallorca Airport can feel like an adventure in itself, given the airport’s lack of designated sleeping zones, innovative sleep amenities, or an in-airport hotel. Yet, travelers have found creative ways to catch some shut-eye between flights, as evidenced by the gathered reviews.

In this Palma de Mallorca Sleeping Guide, we have put together info with 11 spots that fliers recommend for sleep giving details of the amenities there.

You’ll also find about what fliers think about sleep in this airport, with tips on things to consider in preparation for a layover in this airport. To make it a comprehensive guide, I have included some nearby hotels that you can choose from if in-terminal sleep spots are not bearable for you.

Sleeping in Palma de Mallorca Airport – Overview:

Palma de Mallorca Airport offers a variety of sleeping options that cater to different preferences, each with its own set of amenities and ambiance. For those seeking comfort, Gates C59 and C60 provide soft chairs and couches, with the latter offering a quieter environment due to its more secluded location, though the area’s lighting remains on at night.

Travelers looking for a unique experience can opt for the outdoor terrace, which features artificial grass and allows for sleeping under the stars, although it can get chilly and mosquito-prone. For a quieter, indoor alternative, the top floor yard with roofed benches and the transit zone in Area C are highly recommended for their tranquility and minimal disturbances.

Practical facilities such as nearby toilets and vending machines are accessible in many of these areas, enhancing convenience for overnight stays.

Despite the varying comfort levels and the presence of continuous lighting in some areas, the overall consensus from traveler reviews suggests that Palma de Mallorca Airport is a viable option for those needing to stay overnight, with safety and cleanliness generally well-regarded across these sleeping spots.

Disappointing that Palma Airport Hasn’t Installed Sleep Pods

Unfortunately, Palma de Mallorca has not installed any sleep pods, such as those offered by YotelAir or Minute Suites, despite being one of Europe’s busiest airports with an annual passenger volume exceeding 15 million.

Without innovative compact sleep pod tech, designated sleep areas or in-airport hotel, travelers’ anguish is captured in several feedback we reviewed with many citing challenges like continuous lighting, hard seating, armrest chairs no ideal for sleep, all of which significantly diminish the overnight experience.

The addition of compact, private sleeping suites could substantially enhance passenger comfort, providing a secluded space with proper bedding and soundproofing.

This investment would address a critical gap in facilities, aligning the airport more closely with the needs and expectations of its multitude of travelers seeking a restful pause in their journeys.

1. Gate C59

  • Description: This gate is favored for its comfortable sofas and soft chairs, creating a cozy environment for sleepers. Additionally, it includes convenient facilities like nearby toilets and vending machines.
  • Feedback: It’s reported as a quiet area at night, although the air conditioning can be loud.

2. Gate C60

  • Description: Gate C60 offers numerous couches and lounge chairs suitable for sleeping. It’s located farther from main areas, reducing foot traffic and noise.
  • Feedback: The presence of soft couches and secluded lounge chairs enhance sleep quality, though the lighting remains on throughout the night.

3. Outdoor Terrace

  • Description: Equipped with artificial grass, this outdoor terrace allows for sleeping under the stars. It’s large and generally quiet at night but is near a smoking area.
  • Feedback: Provides a unique sleeping experience, though it can be chilly and mosquito-prone at night.

4. Level 1 of the Terminal

  • Description: A quiet and safe spot on Level 1, where a traveler found peace using a camping mattress.
  • Feedback: Praised for its quietude and safety, though specifics about amenities are not detailed.

5. Gate C50

  • Description: Located in a terminal corner, Gate C50 features several seats without armrests, making it ideal for lying down. Close to amenities like restrooms and a vending machine.
  • Feedback: Recognized for its quietness and accessibility to facilities, but potentially cold during winter.

6. Kids Play Area in Departures

  • Description: This area features a rubber floor and a large train structure, providing a softer surface compared to typical airport flooring.
  • Feedback: Safe and secluded, though it can become noisy once nearby security operations begin.

7. Transit Zone (Area C)

  • Description: The transit zone in Area C is highlighted for offering quiet and uninterrupted sleep, perfect for travelers in transit.
  • Feedback: Highly recommended for its tranquility and minimal disturbances.

8. Top Floor Yard

  • Description: This top-floor yard includes roofed benches and is set apart from busier areas, suitable for early arrivals who prefer an indoor option.
  • Feedback: Generally good for sleeping until the early morning rush, with the summer months bringing some mosquito activity.

9. Departures – Landside Area

  • Description: Landside seating in the departures area is individually divided, suitable for sleeping upright.
  • Feedback: Safe and quiet, though not the most comfortable for sleeping flat, and power outlets are scarce.

10. Arrival Area Indoors

  • Description: The indoor area of arrivals is suggested as an alternative, especially when the outdoor terrace is less favorable.
  • Feedback: Practical for a night’s stay, albeit less comfortable due to hard surfaces and lack of amenities.

11. Outside Smoking Area (4th Floor)

  • Description: This outdoor park area on the 4th floor, mainly a smoking zone, offers a grassy space for sleeping.
  • Feedback: The area can be cold in the colder months and may be affected by the presence of smokers, but it offers a distinct outdoor sleeping option within the airport.

What Fliers Like about sleeping in Palma Airport:

  1. Variety of Options: There are diverse sleeping spots throughout the airport, including soft chairs, couches, and quieter zones like the transit area and secluded gates.
  2. Amenities: Many sleeping areas are conveniently located near toilets and vending machines, providing easy access to basic needs throughout the night.
  3. Outdoor and Indoor Options: The airport offers both indoor and outdoor sleeping areas, such as the outdoor terrace with artificial grass and roofed benches on the top floor yard, catering to different preferences.
  4. Safety and Cleanliness: General feedback from travelers indicates that the airport is safe and clean, important factors when sleeping in public spaces.
  5. Quiet Zones: Certain areas like Gate C50 and the transit zone are noted for being particularly quiet, which is crucial for a good rest.

What fliers complain regarding sleep in this airport:

  1. Persistent Lighting: Many areas within the airport suffer from continuous lighting throughout the night, which can hinder the ability to sleep comfortably.
  2. Lack of Dedicated Sleeping Facilities: Unlike some international airports, Palma de Mallorca does not have dedicated sleeping pods or designated rest zones, which limits privacy and comfort.
  3. Noise Levels: Despite some quiet areas, other parts of the airport can be noisy, especially with the presence of ongoing maintenance or early morning activities.
  4. Hard Seating and Floors: Many of the seating options include hard surfaces, and armrest-free benches are not universally available, making it difficult to lie down comfortably.
  5. Temperature and Weather Concerns: Particularly for those sleeping in outdoor areas like the terrace, weather conditions can be a factor; it can get chilly at night, and mosquitoes can be a nuisance.
  6. Limited Access to Power Outlets: Charging electronic devices can be challenging, as power outlets are not readily available in all sleeping areas.
  7. Lack of luggage storage and locker facilities
  8. Lack of shower facilities either provided by the airport or by private paid lounges

Weighing these pros and cons can help travelers decide if sleeping at Palma de Mallorca Airport is suitable for their needs and what preparations might be necessary to ensure a more comfortable stay.

What will determine your sleep quality Palma Airport:

Several factors have significantly contributed to fliers facing challenges in getting restful sleep at Palma de Mallorca Airport:

  1. Persistent Lighting: Continuous bright lighting throughout the night is a common issue in many areas of the airport. This can make it difficult for travelers to fall asleep and stay asleep, as a dark environment is generally more conducive to good sleep.
  2. Noise Levels: Airports are inherently noisy environments with the sounds of announcements, cleaning crews, and other passengers. In Palma de Mallorca Airport, despite some quiet zones, the presence of operational noises, especially during early morning hours, can disrupt sleep.
  3. Hard and Uncomfortable Seating: Many of the seating options in the airport have armrests or are made from hard materials, making it difficult for travelers to lie down and relax comfortably. The lack of armrest-free benches in many areas restricts the ability to stretch out.
  4. Lack of Dedicated Sleeping Areas: Unlike some airports that offer designated sleeping pods or reclining lounge chairs, Palma de Mallorca does not have specific facilities designed for sleeping. This absence forces travelers to make do with general seating or floor areas, which are not optimized for rest.
  5. Temperature Variability: Both indoor and outdoor sleeping areas can experience uncomfortable temperatures. Indoors, air conditioning can make the environment too cold for comfortable sleeping without proper blankets, while outdoor areas can be chilly at night.
  6. Environmental Factors: For those choosing to sleep outdoors, such as on the terrace, environmental elements like mosquitoes and exposure to the elements can further inhibit sleep.

These factors combined can significantly impact the quality of rest travelers can expect when attempting to sleep at Palma de Mallorca Airport. Planning ahead by bringing items such as eye masks, earplugs, travel blankets, and inflatable pillows can help mitigate some of these issues and improve sleep quality.

Hotels Near Palma Airport:

Here is a table featuring 15 hotels near Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI), along with their addresses, distances from the airport, ratings, and review highlights:

#Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportReview Highlights
1THB El CidCalle Vaixell 2, 07610 Playa de Palma, Majorca Spain1.4 milesComfortable, quiet despite proximity to airport, great views.
2Alua LeoCarrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 12, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesClose to airport and beach, convenient for local transport.
4Helios Mallorca Hotel & ApartmentsC/ Carabela 7, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesCentral location, close to beach and airport, excellent staff.
5BQ Aguamarina Boutique HotelCalle Sant Antoni de La Platja 41, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.7 milesIdeal for long weekends, close to airport.
6BQ Amfora Beach HotelC/ del Volantí, 9, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.5 milesPerfect for short stays due to proximity to airport.
7HM Alma Beach – Adults OnlyCalle Bellamar 7, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.5 milesCentral, close to beach and airport, great for short getaways.
8Hotel Amic MirafloresXabec, 4, 07015 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesConvenient for early flights, near the airport.
9BQ Apolo HotelCalle Miquel Massuti 28, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.7 milesNear airport, accessible beaches and restaurants.
10Hotel JS Palma StayCalle Pins 26, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.7 milesClose to airport, beaches, and amenities.
11Aparthotel Fontanellas PlayaCalle Caravel-La, S/N, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.5 milesConvenient location close to the airport.
12BG Hotel CaballeroCalle Neopatria 3, 07610 Playa de Palma, Majorca Spain1.7 milesClose to airport, beach, and shops, with good entertainment.
13Hotel LindaOctavio Augusto, 2 Playa de Palma, 7610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesFun watching planes, close to the airport.
14Hotel Amic GalaCalle Xabec 5, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesVery near the airport, convenient for plane watchers.
15Hotel Eden Palma PlayaCarrer de la Pollacra, 1,, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 milesQuiet location, close to airport without noise disturbance.
These hotels offer a range of amenities and are highly rated for their proximity to the airport, making them convenient choices for travelers looking to stay near Palma Mallorca Airport.

Cheapest Hotels:

Here is a list of the 7 cheapest hotels closest to Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI), along with their details such as name, address, distance from the airport, price, and average rating:

#Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportPriceAverage Rating
1Hotel LindaOctavio Augusto, 2 Playa de Palma, 7610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 miles$944.0
2Alua LeoCarrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 12, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.4 miles$1204.2
3BQ Apolo HotelCalle Miquel Massuti 28, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.7 miles$1214.1
4BQ Amfora Beach HotelC/ del Volantí, 9, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.5 miles$1104.3
5HM Alma Beach – Adults OnlyCalle Bellamar 7, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.5 miles$1664.2
6Hotel JS Palma StayCalle Pins 26, 07610 Can Pastilla, Majorca Spain1.7 miles$1734.5
7HM Balanguera Beach – Adults OnlyCalle Marbella 35, 07610 Playa de Palma, Majorca Spain1.8 miles$1764.4
These hotels are among the most affordable options near Palma Mallorca Airport, providing convenience and value, especially for travelers looking to stay close to the airport. The ratings suggest a good level of guest satisfaction, making these options reliable for short stays or transit accommodations.


How many airports in Palma?

Palma de Mallorca, also known simply as Palma, is served by one main airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport (IATA: PMI). It is the primary airport for the island of Mallorca, located in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, especially during the summer tourist season.

How busy is Palma Airport?

Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) is one of the busiest airports in Spain, particularly during the summer months when tourism peaks. Here are some key points about its busyness:

  1. Passenger Traffic: The airport handles millions of passengers annually. In 2023, it served over 31million passengers as per its website. It key connections are to Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt
  2. Seasonal Variations: Palma de Mallorca Airport experiences significant seasonal variations, with peak traffic during the summer months from June to September. During this period, the airport can be extremely busy, handling a high volume of tourists traveling to Mallorca for holidays.
  3. Flight Operations: The airport operates a large number of flights, especially charter and low-cost carriers, catering to a wide range of European destinations. During peak season, it can handle around 1,000 aircraft movements per day.
  4. Facilities and Capacity: To accommodate the high passenger volume, the airport has modern facilities and multiple terminals. However, during peak times, it can still experience congestion in both the terminals and on the runways.

Overall, Palma de Mallorca Airport is very busy, especially during the summer tourist season, making it one of the key hubs for travelers heading to the Balearic Islands.

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