No Sleeping Pods in San Jose Airport – Use These

Despite the lack of sleeping pods and designated sleeping zones at San Jose International (SJC) Airport, there are still decent spots for anyone needing to rest during a long layover or due to flight cancellations.

This SJC Airport Sleeping Guide highlights the sleep amenities at SJC noting the lack of sleep pods, list of best spots to get sleep, and details indicating that it’s possible to sleep at this airport. To give you a good idea of what to expect and to plan adequately, you’ll also find info on SJC Airport hours, TSA hours, summary of SJC’s sleep reviews(pros and cons), what to expect sleeping here, and details of the hotels close to SJC Airport to consider.

Does San Jose International Airport (SJC) Have Sleeping Pods?

San Jose International Airport (SJC) currently does not have sleeping pods for passengers. This is a notable omission considering the benefits and increasing popularity of such amenities at other major airports.

Sleeping pods, like those found at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Nashville Airport, Baltimore/Washington International (BWI), and Detroit Metropolitan Airport, provide travelers with a private, comfortable space to rest, which is especially beneficial during long layovers or delays.

Globally, over 50 airports have installed sleeping pods, ranging from Asian airports like Taoyuan (TPE), Incheon, Chennai, and Mumbai to European hubs such as Malpensa, Vienna, Rome’s Fiumicino (FCO), and Paris’ Charles de Gaulle (CDG). These pods offer travelers a quiet, secure place to sleep, often equipped with amenities like charging stations, Wi-Fi, and even showers in some cases.

SJC’s Master Plan Mentions Plans of a Hotel in Future

Despite the clear advantages of sleeping pods, SJC’s Master Plan does not include the introduction of such facilities. The Master Plan outlines several completed and future expansion projects aimed at enhancing the airport’s capacity and amenities.

For example, the North Concourse/Terminal B has been expanded by up to 200,000 square feet with four new air carrier gates.

Future projections include expanding Terminal B (South Concourse) by up to 750,000 square feet with 14 additional air carrier gates, and constructing a new multi-story business hotel adjacent to the new public short-term parking garage, offering up to 330 guest rooms and 300 parking spaces.

Snapshot from SJC Masterplan showing plans to put up hotel at SJC Airport but no details of sleep pod installations
Snapshot from SJC Masterplan showing plans to put up hotel at SJC Airport but no details on whether sleep pod are part of the plans. See the Master Plan here(PDF)

However, the Master Plan does not specify whether this new hotel will include compact sleep pod facilities or if the space is designated for traditional hotel rooms.

The omission of sleeping pods in the current and future expansion plans suggests a missed opportunity to provide a modern and convenient amenity that is becoming standard at other international airports.

In summary, while SJC is expanding its facilities and increasing its capacity, the lack of sleeping pods is a notable gap in its offerings. Introducing sleeping pods could significantly enhance the airport experience for travelers, providing much-needed rest and privacy during their journey.

Impact of the Lack of Sleeping Pods at San Jose International Airport (SJC)

The absence of sleeping pods at San Jose International Airport significantly impacts the layover experience by limiting comfort, privacy, and access to essential amenities. This results in increased fatigue, stress, and a less productive and enjoyable layover for travelers. Installing sleeping pods would greatly enhance the airport’s ability to provide a more restful and secure environment for those in transit.

Reduced Comfort and Privacy

  • Limited Comfortable Options: Without sleeping pods, travelers are limited to recliner chairs, standard airport seating, or makeshift sleeping arrangements. These options often lack adequate padding and ergonomic support, leading to discomfort during long layovers.
  • Lack of Privacy: Sleeping in public areas can be unsettling for many travelers. Sleeping pods provide a private, secure space where individuals can rest without worrying about their belongings or being disturbed by passersby.

Increased Fatigue and Stress

  • Interrupted Sleep: The airport environment is typically noisy with frequent announcements and general activity. Sleeping pods offer a soundproof or noise-reduced environment, essential for uninterrupted rest.
  • Security Concerns: Sleeping in public areas can increase anxiety about personal safety and security of belongings. Sleeping pods often come with lockable doors or secure storage, giving travelers peace of mind and allowing for better relaxation. Read this Guide with 21 tips to get good sleep in Airports.

Limited Amenities

  • Lack of Amenities: Sleeping pods often come equipped with amenities such as charging stations, reading lights, and sometimes even entertainment options. The absence of these amenities means travelers have to rely on the limited facilities available in public areas, which might not meet their needs during extended layovers.
  • Hygiene and Freshness: Many sleeping pods include access to showers or are located near facilities that offer shower services. Without this, travelers have fewer options to freshen up during long layovers, impacting their overall comfort and well-being.

Productivity and Well-being

  • Reduced Productivity: For business travelers, the lack of a private, quiet space can hinder their ability to work effectively. Sleeping pods often provide a conducive environment for both rest and work, enabling travelers to be more productive.
  • Well-being Impact: The cumulative effect of discomfort, lack of privacy, and inadequate rest can lead to increased stress and reduced overall well-being. This can affect the travel experience negatively, making layovers more exhausting and less tolerable.

Nearby San Francisco Airport has sleeping pods called Nap Pods and is operated by Airport Travel Agency which is a local SF company and has not indicated plans to expand to SJC Airport. Read more about SFO’s Sleep Pod cabins here.

Minute Suites is another sleeping pods brand operating in several US Airports including Houston Airport, New York’s JFK Airport, Nashville Airport, Detroit Airport, Baltimore Airport, Atlanta Airport, SLC Airport, and Philly Airport. I could not find any specific info on any upcoming plans for Minute Suites to expand to SJC. Notable, Minute Suites hasn’t expanded to any airports in California such as Los Angeles Airport(LAX).

So Where Can I Sleep at SJC Airport then?

Meet and Greet Area by Security Checkpoint (Terminal A)

  • Pros: Quiet, dark, and plush areas to sleep.
  • Cons: Announcements every 20 minutes, so bring earplugs or headphones.
  • Details: Located upstairs by the security checkpoint. The area is dimly lit, but eye shades can help. EuroCafe opens early for coffee and pastries.
  • Additional Tips: Complimentary 24-hour WiFi. The Club@SJC lounge (across from Gate A15) offers alcohol, snacks, and showers for a $50 day pass, open from 5 AM-10 PM.
SJC Airport Map
SJC Airport Map. See expanded SJC Map Here.

Bridge Connecting Baggage Claim with Security Checkpoint (Terminal A)

  • Pros: Quiet, good for early morning flights.
  • Cons: Need a padded surface like a ThermaRest and a blanket for comfort.
  • Details: Sleep on the window sills on the bridge. Light sleepers should consider eye masks.

Power Suite Area (Terminal B)

  • Pros: Quiet work area with tables, comfortable chairs, and outlets.
  • Cons: Most chairs prevent sleeping across.
  • Details: Configured in a pseudo-cubicle layout, good for catching up on work.

General Areas

  • Pros: Safe, well-lit, free WiFi.
  • Cons: Limited comfortable sleeping spots, no 24-hour food shops.
  • Details: Security personnel patrol regularly, enhancing safety. The restrooms are clean, and the WiFi is reliable and fast.

Recliner Chairs (Various Locations)

Reviews of SJC Airport Sleep Quality:

Positive Sentiments

  • Quiet Areas: Travelers appreciated quiet spots, particularly in the newly remodeled areas like the Meet and Greet section in Terminal A. The relatively peaceful environment in certain zones helps facilitate rest.
  • Safety and Security: Many felt safe due to the regular patrols by security personnel.
  • WiFi Availability: Complimentary 24-hour WiFi allowed travelers to stay connected.
  • Lounge Facilities: The Club@SJC lounge offered comfortable amenities like snacks, alcohol, and showers.
  • Clean Facilities: Consistent cleanliness, including restrooms, contributed to a pleasant stay.

Negative Sentiments

  • Limited Comfortable Sleeping Options: Most chairs have armrests, preventing travelers from lying down comfortably.
  • Lack of Privacy: The absence of private sleeping areas or sleeping pods forced travelers to rest in public spaces.
  • Frequent Announcements: Regular announcements every 20 minutes disrupted sleep.
  • Inadequate Food Options: No 24-hour food shops were available for overnight travelers.
  • Inconsistent Comfort Levels: Reviews varied widely, with some finding specific areas moderately comfortable and others finding no good spots.
  • Security Staff Attitude: Some travelers reported unpleasant interactions with security staff.

Conditions to Be Aware of for Sleeping at San Jose International Airport

Travelers should be prepared for a variety of conditions when sleeping at SJC. Noise levels from frequent announcements and bright lighting in most areas can be disruptive.

The airport can get cold, so bringing extra layers is recommended. Comfortable sleeping spots are limited, with most chairs having armrests that prevent lying down. Security is robust with regular patrols, though some interactions with staff may be unpleasant. For those seeking more comfort, the Club@SJC lounge offers additional amenities but at a cost.

Here are more details:

Noise Levels

  • Frequent Announcements: Regular announcements every 20 minutes can disrupt sleep, especially in public areas like the main terminal concourses and gate waiting areas.
  • Quiet Spots: The Meet and Greet area in Terminal A is relatively quiet, making it a preferred spot for travelers looking to rest.

Bright Lighting

  • Well-Lit Areas: General areas, such as the main terminal and gate waiting areas, are well-lit throughout the night. Bring an eye mask to help block out light.
  • Dimmer Areas: The Meet and Greet section in Terminal A is darker, though light sleepers may still need eye shades for better rest.

Temperature Levels

  • Cool Temperatures: The airport can get chilly at night, so it’s advisable to bring a sweater or travel blanket. This applies to all general seating areas and the bridge connecting the baggage claim with the security checkpoint.

Seating Comfort

  • Limited Comfortable Options: Most chairs have armrests, preventing travelers from lying down comfortably. This is common in both Terminals A and B.
  • Recliner Chairs: Located near Gate A6, Gate A12, between Gates B9 and B10, and near Gate B15, these chairs offer moderate comfort but may not be suitable for long-term rest due to hard lower back support.


  • Regular Patrols: Security personnel patrol regularly, providing a safe environment. This enhances the sense of security throughout the airport, especially in the main terminal and concourse areas.
  • Security Staff Attitude: Some travelers have reported unpleasant interactions with security staff, particularly in Terminal A, which may affect your experience.


  • Club@SJC Lounge: Located across from Gate A15, this lounge offers comfortable amenities like snacks, alcohol, and showers for a $50 day pass, open from 5 AM-10 PM. It’s a good option for those willing to pay for added comfort.
  • Lack of 24-Hour Food Options: No food shops are open 24 hours, so plan ahead for late-night snacks.

6 Alternatives to Sleep Pods at SJC: Hotels near SJC:

Sonesta Select San Jose Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers looking for convenience and ease of access to the airport. Perfect for those with early morning or late-night flights.
  • Additional Features: The hotel offers clean rooms and a reliable shuttle system, making it a great choice for a hassle-free stay near the airport.
  • Check Rates

Hyatt Place San Jose Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Suitable for both business and leisure travelers, particularly those attending events at the nearby stadium or visiting the local university campus.
  • Additional Features: Offers comfortable accommodations with complimentary breakfast, ideal for a convenient and relaxing stay.
  • Check Rates

Residence Inn by Marriott San Jose Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Great for extended stays or travelers needing more space, including families and business travelers.
  • Additional Features: Provides spacious suites with kitchen facilities, and complimentary breakfast, ensuring a comfortable and self-sufficient stay.
  • Check Rates

Fairfield Inn & Suites By Marriott San Jose Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Excellent for travelers looking for a comfortable and reliable hotel with convenient airport access.
  • Additional Features: The hotel offers a great shuttle service and a complimentary breakfast, making it a solid choice for both short and extended stays.
  • Check Rates

Homewood Suites by Hilton San Jose Airport-Silicon Valley

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Perfect for families and long-term guests looking for spacious accommodations and homely amenities.
  • Additional Features: Features suites with fully equipped kitchens and complimentary breakfast, enhancing the comfort and convenience of the stay.
  • Check Rates

Hampton Inn & Suites San Jose Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for business travelers and tourists seeking a comfortable and relaxing stay near corporate offices and the airport.
  • Additional Features: Offers modern rooms with complimentary breakfast and excellent customer service, ensuring a pleasant experience.
  • Check Rates

Other Nearby Hotels:

Hotel NameDistance from Airport (miles)Average Review RatingReview Highlights
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham San Jose Airport1.24.0/5Good airport transportation, clean rooms
Extended Stay America – San Jose – Downtown0.94/5Exception to undesirable locale
Best Western Plus Airport Plaza1.34.0/5Convenient, close to airport
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, San Jose International1.34.0/5Close to SJC, walking distance to restaurants
Hampton Inn & Suites San Jose Airport1.04./5Comfortable, relaxing, near corporate offices
Sonesta ES Suites San Jose Airport1.24.0/5Close to airport, business district
Best Western University Inn Santa Clara1.64.0/5Clean, friendly service
Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley, an IHG Hotel1.13.5/5Good deal, close to light rail
Four Points by Sheraton San Jose Airport1.13.5/5Clean, spacious, comfortable
These hotels offer a range of amenities and proximity to San Jose International Airport, making them convenient options for travelers

Where to pick courtesy hotel Shuttle bus:

Passengers can pick up hotel courtesy shuttles from two convenient locations at San Jose International Airport (SJC). In Terminal A, head to the Ground Transportation Center and look for stop #8. In Terminal B, the shuttles can be found at stop #10, directly across the street from Baggage Claim. Be sure to check with your hotel to confirm if they offer a courtesy shuttle service.

Below is a map showing the pick-up locations;

Hotel Courtesy Shuttles at SJC Airport. See courtesy bus details here

Final Word on Sleeping at SJC Airport:

Despite the lack of sleeping pods at SJC Airport such as Minute Suites or YotelAir, it is still possible to find few spots to sleep within the airport’s 2 terminals or with any of the nearby hotels.

Inside SJC, some of the top-recommended spots for sleeping include the Meet and Greet area in Terminal A, which offers relatively quiet and dimmer conditions, and the bridge connecting the baggage claim with the security checkpoint, where window sills can be utilized for resting with a padded surface and blanket. Additionally, recliner chairs near Gates A6, A12, B9, B10, and B15 provide moderate comfort for shorter naps.

These areas, along with selected spots near gates or behind restaurants, have been highlighted by fellow travelers for their relative peace and availability of amenities like power sockets and proximity to restrooms. The Club at SJC, located at Gate A15 and Gate 8, offers more comfort with snacks, beverages, and showers for a fee, although it is not accessible overnight.

For those seeking more comfort and privacy, nearby hotels such as the Hyatt Place San Jose Airport and the DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose offer convenient, complimentary shuttle services and are highly suitable for varying travel schedules. The Four Points by Sheraton San Jose Airport, with its 24-hour airport shuttle, caters excellently to travelers with late-night arrivals or early-morning departures.


Below is a table summarizing the dining options at San Jose International Airport (SJC):

Dunkin’ DonutsANear Gate 7Popular for coffee and donuts
Euro CaféANear Baggage ClaimBeverages and light snacks
Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.ANear TSA CheckpointCraft beers and pub-style food
Greenlee’s BakeryANear Gate 14Pastries and baked goods
San José Beer UnionAAcross from Gate 7Local beers and pub fare
The Club at SJCAGate 15 and Gate 8Snacks, beverages, comfortable seating
Chick-Fil-ABBetween Gates 24 and 25Famous for chicken sandwiches
Dunkin’ DonutsBNear Baggage ClaimCoffee and donuts
Greenlee’s BakeryBNear Gate 26Baked goods and pastries
Island BrewsBNear Gate 32Variety of drinks
JambaBGate 23Smoothies and juices
Jim Stump’s Taproom + KitchenBBetween Gates 23 and 24American cuisine
Peet’s CoffeeBNear Gate 25Premium coffee
Runway DeliBGate 23Deli sandwiches and snacks
San José Mac + Cheese KitchenBNear Gate 19Specializes in mac and cheese dishes
SmashburgerBNear Gate 22Burgers and fries
Starbucks CoffeeBNear Gate 22Coffee and light bites
Sushi BoatBGate 23Sushi and Japanese cuisine
Tap & PourBNear Gate 27Variety of beers and pub food
The Great American Bagel BakeryBNear Gate 28Bagels and sandwiches
Trader Vic’s OutpostBNear Gate 22Polynesian-inspired cuisine
Trader Vic’s RestaurantBNear Gate 22Polynesian-themed restaurant
Una Mas Mexican GrillBNear Gate 22Mexican cuisine
Yo-Kai ExpressBNear Gate 33Automated ramen vending machine

Other helpful resources:

  1. SJC Flight Status
  2. Airlines at SJC
  3. Prohibited Items: Sharp Objects, Liquids Rule, Food or Gifts  

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