No Lisbon Airport Sleeping Pods – Use These

Despite lacking modern sleep pod technologies and ranking very poorly(191 out of 194) in AirHelp’s airport rankings, Humberto Delgado Airport, also known as Lisbon Airport (LIS), offers 11 designated sleeping spots across its landside and airside areas. If you’re concerned about the airport’s small size and potential congestion, this guide will help you navigate and find suitable places to sleep at Lisbon Airport.

We have crafted this Lisbon Airport Sleeping Guide to aid travelers of all levels, from those new to flying to the most seasoned fliers. Here, you’ll discover essential information on the types of sleep pods available at Lisbon, their locations, prices, access instructions, and more, along with other in-airport sleep solutions like airport hotels and complimentary sleep options within the terminals.

Where to Sleep in Lisbon Airport:

The best sleeping spots at Lisbon Airport are exclusively found in Terminal 1, as Terminal 2 offers virtually no recommended locations for restful sleep. Notable sleep-friendly locations within Terminal 1 include the vicinity of Gate 17, which provides quiet spaces and charging stations; the secluded area behind a green dividing wall that features actual beds and remains undisturbed until early morning; and the peaceful International Gates 40-50.

Additionally, the Airside Schengen Area in Terminal 1 is accessible 24 hours and offers comfortable seating arrangements without armrests and some padded sofas, making these spots particularly desirable for travelers looking to rest between flights at Lisbon Airport.

Where to Sleep in Lisbon Airport – Best Locations:

Near Gate 17

Location: Terminal 1, Near Gate 17
Amenities: Flat surfaces suitable for sleeping, equipped with charging stations. The area is generally quiet despite being close to boarding gates, making it conducive for sleep. Due to bright lighting, eye masks are recommended.

Advantages: This location is praised for its flat surfaces ideal for sleeping, availability of charging stations, and its relatively quiet environment despite proximity to boarding gates. The presence of charging stations makes it especially convenient for travelers needing to keep their devices powered up.

Terminal 1 Food Court

Location: Terminal 1, Food Court Area
Amenities: Benches available for sleeping, though availability can vary depending on passenger traffic. The area remains well-lit throughout the night, offering a sense of safety.

Behind a Green Dividing Wall

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, Accessible via a specific path for connecting flights
Amenities: Features three military-style beds, positioned next to a restroom. This area remains silent until morning arrivals begin around 06:30. Bright lights are present, so an eye mask is necessary for better sleep quality.

Advantages: Offers actual beds, which is rare in airport settings, providing superior comfort compared to benches or chairs. The area is also noted for being exceptionally quiet until morning, making it ideal for undisturbed sleep. This secluded spot is best suited for travelers with connecting flights who can access this area without going through passport control again.

Near AbsolutBeauty

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, near AbsolutBeauty
Amenities: A quiet area monitored by security cameras, making it safe for sleeping. Proximity to toilets and other facilities enhances convenience. The area is quiet during the night, allowing for undisturbed rest.

Terminal 1 / Gare S21

Location: Terminal 1, Gare S21
Amenities: Provides good seats with electrical outlets, located in a relatively quiet area of the terminal. Suitable for resting during layovers or delays.

Between Gates S19 and 20

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, Between Gates 19 and 20
Amenities: Area features armrest-free chairs, facilitating easier lying down. Quiet after midnight, with minimal disturbances, making it ideal for overnight stays.

International Gates 40-50

Location: Terminal 1, at International Gates 40-50
Amenities: Known for being quieter when not in use. The quieter environment makes it suitable for resting away from the usual terminal hustle.

Advantages: Known for being quieter when not actively in use, this area provides a peaceful environment away from the main hustle of the airport. It’s a good choice for travelers who prefer a quieter area that remains undisturbed for most of the night.

Landside Burger King

Location: Terminal 1, Landside near Burger King
Amenities: Several cushioned benches are available for sleeping, providing another comfortable option within the terminal’s public area.

Blue Banana Area

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, near McDonald’s
Amenities: Described as comfortable and safe, though there are issues with light and noise from cleaning activities, potentially disrupting sleep.

Advantages: It’s described as comfortable and safe, which are crucial factors for a good sleep spot in an airport. The proximity to amenities like toilets and the general quietness of the area during the night further enhances its appeal, despite some light and noise from cleaning activities.

Versailles Cafe

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, at Versailles Cafe
Amenities: Offers comfy couches and chairs. However, it can get noisy when the cafe opens early in the morning, which may affect sleep quality.

Airside Schengen Area

Location: Terminal 1, LIS, Airside Schengen Area
Amenities: Available 24-hours with seats without armrests and some padded sofas. Popular among travelers, these spots tend to fill up quickly, so early arrival is advised for securing a good spot.

Advantages: This area is accessible 24 hours and offers a variety of seating options, including some without armrests and padded sofas. Its round-the-clock accessibility and comfortable seating options make it a prime spot for travelers who find themselves in the airport overnight.

Each of these spots has been highlighted by travelers for various reasons such as quietness, availability of seating or flat surfaces, safety, and proximity to amenities like restrooms and charging stations. These details could be very useful for those planning to rest or sleep at these airports, especially during long layovers or unexpected travel delays.

Review of Lisbon Airport Sleep Quality:


Travelers have expressed several positive sentiments about Lisbon Airport (LIS) based on various aspects they enjoyed, which include:

  1. Quiet and Safe Areas: Fliers appreciated specific areas within the airport that provided quiet and safe spots for resting or sleeping overnight, such as the secluded space behind a green dividing wall near moving walkways where military-style beds are available.
  2. Availability of Charging Stations: The presence of charging stations near sleeping areas like near Gate 17 was highly valued by travelers needing to recharge their devices.
  3. Comfortable Seating: Several locations within the airport, including near Gate 16 and the food court area, were noted for having comfortable couches and benches suitable for resting.
  4. Cleanliness: The airport was commended for its cleanliness, which enhanced the comfort of the stay for travelers.
  5. Helpful and Available Staff: Instances, where airport staff were helpful and informative, contributed positively to the experiences of the travelers, especially when needing guidance on where to rest.
  6. Security Presence: The constant presence of security personnel gave travelers a sense of safety while spending the night at the airport.
  7. Facilities Open 24/7: The availability of services like cafes and fast-food outlets open 24/7 was particularly appreciated by those who stayed overnight, ensuring access to food and drink.
  8. Good Signage and Information: Effective signage and the availability of information helped travelers navigate the airport more comfortably and find essential services.
  9. Spacious and Not Overly Crowded: Certain areas of the airport were described as spacious and not overly crowded, providing a more relaxed environment for travelers.


Travelers have voiced several complaints and concerns about Lisbon Airport (LIS), which include:

  1. Noise: Some areas are reported to be quite noisy, which can be disruptive for those trying to rest or sleep, especially near operational services like cafes that open early.
  2. Hard and Uncomfortable Seating: Several reviews mentioned the discomfort of the seating options, particularly those made of metal or hard plastic, and the presence of armrests that prevent lying down.
  3. Cold and Hard Floors: Complaints about the cold, hard floors were common, especially in areas where travelers attempted to sleep on the ground due to a lack of available seating.
  4. Insufficient Charging Stations: Despite some areas having good access to charging ports, other parts of the airport were criticized for having too few, making it difficult for travelers to recharge their devices.
  5. Poorly Maintained Restrooms: Several reviews noted that the restrooms were in poor condition, which detracted from the overall experience of staying at the airport.
  6. Limited Food Options at Night: The lack of available food services during late hours was a significant inconvenience, particularly for those staying overnight or arriving during odd hours.
  7. Overcrowding: Certain times and areas within the airport can become exceedingly crowded, leading to discomfort and a lack of seating availability.
  8. Bright Lighting: The intense lighting in some areas of the airport makes it difficult for travelers to rest comfortably, especially at night.
  9. Language Barriers and Poor Customer Service: Some travelers experienced difficulties with language barriers and reported instances of poor customer service, which made their experience more stressful.
  10. Confusing Layout and Signage: Navigating the airport was challenging for some due to what they perceived as a confusing layout and inadequate signage.

These issues highlight areas where improvements could enhance the traveler experience, particularly for those who spend extended periods at the airport due to layovers or overnight stays.

Lisbon Airport’s Lack of Sleep Pods Reduces its Sleep Score:

Aside from the above-mentioned issues, one area where Lisbon Airport falls short is its lack of sleep pods which are modern innovative compact pay-per-use sleep solutions that allow users to pay hourly for sleep amenities within the airport’s terminals.

Lisbon Airport, despite the Living Spot designated sleeping areas in Terminal 1(near Gates S19 and 20), misses a significant opportunity to enhance the layover sleep experience by not offering sleep pods—a modern amenity increasingly common in major international airports. Here are some ways in which the absence of sleep pods impacts the overall experience:

  1. Privacy and Comfort: Sleep pods provide a private, enclosed space, which shields users from the ambient noise and light of busy airport environments. Their absence means travelers must rely on more open and less controlled environments, which can significantly affect sleep quality due to disturbances like foot traffic, announcements, and cleaning operations.
  2. Security and Safety: Sleep pods often come with secure storage for luggage and valuables, offering travelers peace of mind while they rest. Without such facilities, passengers at Lisbon Airport must either keep their belongings in sight, compromising their ability to relax fully, or use separate luggage storage facilities, which may not be conveniently located near sleeping areas.
  3. Efficient Use of Space: Sleep pods are designed to maximize comfort in a compact area, making them ideal for the space-constrained environments of airports. By not utilizing sleep pods, Lisbon Airport fails to maximize the utility of its available space for sleeping accommodations, which could otherwise accommodate more travelers in need of rest.
  4. Enhanced Sleep Quality: The ergonomic design of sleep pods typically includes features like reclining beds, soundproofing, and sometimes even built-in entertainment or Wi-Fi. These features collectively enhance the quality of rest, something that makeshift sleeping arrangements in chairs or benches cannot match.
  5. Revenue Generation: Offering sleep pods can be a revenue-generating service that appeals to business and leisure travelers alike. By not tapping into this service, Lisbon Airport misses out on potential earnings and the chance to enhance its image as a traveler-friendly hub.
  6. Meeting Expectations of Modern Travelers: As travel amenities evolve, travelers increasingly expect airports to offer modern conveniences such as sleep pods. By not providing these, Lisbon Airport risks falling behind other airports that cater more effectively to the needs of contemporary travelers.

The inclusion of sleep pods could address these shortcomings, significantly enhancing the comfort and convenience of the layover experience for passengers at Lisbon Airport. Other European Airports such as Vienna, Berlin and Frankfurt have installed sleep pods ahead of Lisbon Airport and hope LIS will follow suit soon.

Some Areas to Avoid Sleeping at LIS Airport:

Based on the detailed reviews and experiences shared by travelers, several locations within Lisbon Airport are generally recommended to avoid for sleeping:

  1. Terminal 1 Public Areas Near Construction Zones: Any areas near ongoing construction work are advised against due to noise, dust, and general discomfort. This includes places next to remodeling activities where noise levels can disrupt sleep significantly.
  2. Terminal 2: There are virtually no recommended sleep spots in Terminal 2, mainly because of its limited amenities and lack of comfortable seating or quiet areas. This terminal may not provide the necessary conditions for restful sleep due to its general layout and busyness.
  3. Busy Gate Areas During Operational Hours: Gates that remain busy with passengers and announcements, especially those near active boarding areas, are not ideal for sleeping. The constant flow of people and noise can make it challenging to rest undisturbed.
  4. Food Court Areas: While food courts might offer seating, they are typically noisy, well-lit, and busy until late at night. These areas are also likely to start bustling early in the morning as cafes begin to open, which can interrupt sleep.
  5. Seating Near Bathrooms or High-Traffic Corridors: Locations near bathrooms or main walkways can often be noisy and less clean, which can make sleeping uncomfortable and less hygienic.
  6. Unsheltered External Areas: Any external, unsheltered areas of the airport are not suitable for sleep due to exposure to the elements and lack of security.

For those seeking quieter spots, the areas listed previously (like near Gate 17, behind the green dividing wall, or the international gates) are preferable. These spots have been identified by travelers as offering more peace and amenities conducive to resting, compared to the general bustle found in other parts of the airport.

What to Expect Sleeping at Lisbon Airport:

Noise Levels:

Specific locations, such as the food courts and gate areas, are often reported to be quite loud. For instance, areas around Gates 19 and 20 in Terminal 1 have been described as noisy due to the proximity to high-traffic zones and frequent announcements, which can disturb travelers seeking quiet for rest.

Bright Lighting:

Bright lighting is a common feature across many areas of the airport, particularly problematic near the seating areas at Gates 40-50 in Terminal 1. The intense lighting in these areas can make it challenging for passengers to relax or sleep without the aid of eye masks.


Temperature control is another notable concern, with the area near the International Gates in Terminal 1 frequently mentioned as being uncomfortably cold, especially during the night hours when the air conditioning is still running. This can necessitate additional layers or blankets for travelers trying to sleep.

LIS Airport Hours and Amenities:

Based on the traveler reviews and descriptions, here are the details concerning the operating hours at Lisbon Airport (LIS):

  1. General Airport Hours: While specific opening and closing times for the entire airport are not clearly stated in the reviews, the implication is that Lisbon Airport operates 24 hours a day. This is inferred from multiple mentions of travelers spending the night and accessing various services at all hours.
  2. Terminal 2 Restrictions: Terminal 2 is not open 24 hours. One review mentioned that Terminal 2 was closed between 01:30 AM and 03:30 AM, suggesting specific hours of operation and temporary closures.
  3. Food and Retail Services: It appears that while the airport itself operates 24/7, many of the food and retail services do not. There were mentions of limited food options at night, with last restaurants closing around 11 PM and some cafes like those in Terminal 1 being available but not throughout the entire night.
  4. 24-Hour Food Options: Lisbon Airport offers convenient 24-hour dining options in Terminal 1 to accommodate travelers around the clock. Landside, “Go Natural” serves healthy meals, “Go To Cafe” offers coffee and snacks, and “Grab It” provides quick grab-and-go options. Airside, “1st Cafe” operates two locations for a relaxed café experience, “Cockpit” features a varied menu, and “Express Market” presents an innovative vending machine concept with snacks and drinks. These facilities ensure that passengers have access to food at any hour, whether they’re catching early morning flights or arriving late at night.
  5. Security and Check-In: The reviews indicate variability in when travelers can pass through security to access certain parts of the airport. For instance, one review noted being unable to go through security until midnight, despite the airport being open.

These points suggest that while Lisbon Airport generally operates round the clock, specific services and terminals may have different hours of operation, affecting travelers’ experiences, especially those who stay overnight or arrive during less busy times.

Hotels at/near LIS Airport to Consider as Sleep Pod Alternatives

Melia Lisboa Aeroporto Hotel

  • Address: Rua C No. 2 Lisbon International Airport, Lisbon 1749-125 Portugal
  • Distance from Airport: Walking distance from Terminal 1

Located conveniently next to Terminal 1, the Melia Lisboa Aeroporto Hotel is an excellent choice for travelers looking for ease and comfort. Being within walking distance of the terminal, it’s perfect for those with early flights or late arrivals who prefer minimal transit time to and from the airport. The hotel offers modern amenities, high-quality service, and a comfortable setting ideal for both business and leisure travelers.

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Star Inn Lisboa;

Also adjacent to Terminal 1 and within easy walking distance, the Star Inn Lisboa provides a practical and budget-friendly option for airport travelers. The hotel is known for its clean, contemporary design and efficient service, catering especially to guests who need quick access to the airport without the hassle of additional transportation.

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Radisson Blu Hotel Lisbon
The Radisson Blu Hotel Lisbon offers a slightly more upscale accommodation experience with well-appointed rooms and premium services. While it is not as close to the airport as the Melia Lisboa Aeroporto or the Star Inn, it remains a favorable option due to its brand reputation for comfort and quality. Suitable for both business trips and vacation stays, it combines convenience with luxury, ensuring a restful and enjoyable stay.

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Star Inn Lisbon:

The Star Inn Lisbon Airport Hotel, conveniently located just 0.7 miles from Lisbon Airport, offers a prime location for travelers seeking proximity and ease of access to their flights. Ideal for those with early departures or late arrivals, the hotel ensures a stress-free transit with its short walking distance to the terminal. Known for its modern facilities and streamlined service, the Star Inn provides comfortable accommodations at a budget-friendly price, making it an excellent choice for both business and leisure travelers. With its accessible location and efficient amenities, guests can enjoy a relaxed and hassle-free stay close to the heart of Lisbon’s air transport hub.

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The Holiday Inn Express Lisbon Airport, an IHG Hotel, is situated just 1 mile from the airport, making it a convenient choice for travelers. This hotel is particularly appealing for those looking for a comfortable and straightforward stay near the airport, with the added benefit of a shuttle service. The shuttle begins operating at 4:30 AM, providing early morning transport to the airport for a fee of 5 Euros per person. This service ensures guests can reach their flights with ease and convenience. Known for its reliable service and comfortable accommodations, the Holiday Inn Express is a great option for both business and leisure travelers seeking proximity to Lisbon Airport without compromising on comfort.

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