No Minneapolis Airport Sleeping Pods – Use These

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport(MSP) has been on the headlines lately for frequent flight cancellations occasioned by bad weather and if you want a find a spot to sleep at this airport, be prepared to fight for few spots.

While MSP has designated rest areas, it has not installed innovative pay-per-use sleep facilities such as sleeping pods. I think it is commendable that this airport also has a number of armrest-free chairs but also worth noting that majority of the chairs have armrests and the designated rest areas aren’t as spacious to accommodate everyone especially when there are mass flight cancellations.

MSP, along with other busy airports in the US such as Phoenix Airport in Arizona, LAX, Boston Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Fort Lauderdale Airport, has yet to adopt cutting-edge sleep technologies for travelers. As per 2023 data, MSP is the 18th busiest airport in the US handling over 15 million passengers annually and is categorized as a large hub by FAA.

Does Minneapolis Airport have sleep pods?

No, Minneapolis Airport (MSP) has not installed sleep pod facilities or similar innovative sleeping solutions like GoSleep, Minute Suites, or YotelAir, as these services have not expanded to include this airport yet.Check out all US airports with sleep pods.

While MSP provides several amenities aimed at enhancing traveler comfort, including designated rest areas and some armrest-free chairs for easier sleeping, the airport has yet to install the innovative pay-per-use sleep facilities found in some other international airports. This means that visitors to MSP seeking a more private and secluded rest experience, especially during unforeseen delays or cancellations, may find the options limited in this regard.

What to expect with Terminal 1 sleep and amenities at MSP:

Terminal 1 at MSP is largely viewed as more sleep and traveler-friendly terminal, offering a range of amenities and comfort options that cater to various needs. Whether it’s finding a quiet place to rest, grabbing a bite to eat, or navigating to a connecting flight, the terminal seems to accommodate well, with cleanliness and safety being standout features. However, you should prepare for temperature fluctuations and occasional noise disruptions.

Comfort and Rest Areas

  • Terminal 1 is appreciated for its designated quiet areas, particularly on the Mezzanine Level and Level 3, which offer comfortable seating without armrests, ideal for rest. The presence of sleeping pads, used pillows, and blankets near Gates E & F entrances enhances passenger comfort during unplanned overnight stays.
  • The terminal also houses several benches without armrests throughout Concourse E and quiet spots near Gates A13-14 and B13, which may offer tranquility, especially at night.
  • The observation deck in Concourse D and specific areas on the floor between notable eateries like Chilli’s, Dunkin, and Starbucks are highlighted as good resting spots, although the proximity to certain services like a constantly playing pizzeria can be a minor disturbance.

Amenities and Services

  • Terminal 1 scores points for its variety of amenities, including charging spots, near water fountains, and bathrooms, contributing to a relatively comfortable stay.
  • Food services are a significant aspect, with several reviews pointing out the close times (9 PM for most) but also noting the availability of 24-hour options like McDonald’s for those caught in the terminal overnight.
  • Safety and cleanliness are consistently noted positives, with the terminal providing a secure environment for travelers at all hours.

Temperature and Noise Concerns

  • One recurring complaint is the temperature regulation, with areas being reported as “VERY HOT” or uncomfortably cold, suggesting a lack of consistent climate control throughout the terminal.
  • Noise levels can vary, with some areas near activities and others offering a quiet respite. Travelers seeking quiet should consider earplugs and eye masks to counteract environmental factors like bright lights from the Skymall or overhead announcements.

Navigational Ease and Staff Interaction

  • Terminal 1 is generally regarded as easy to navigate, with clear signage and helpful staff enhancing the travel experience. However, experiences with law enforcement or security can vary, with some reports of less-than-pleasant interactions.

Whether it’s finding a quiet place to rest, grabbing a bite to eat, or navigating to a connecting flight, the terminal seems to accommodate well, with cleanliness and safety being standout features. However, you should prepare for temperature fluctuations and occasional noise disruptions.

What to expect with Terminal 2 sleep and amenities at MSP:

Terminal 2 at MSP is characterized by its cleanliness, safety, and quiet atmosphere, making it a potentially good option for travelers who prioritize these aspects. However, its limited amenities, particularly in terms of food options and comfortable resting areas, suggest it might be best suited for shorter stays or when Terminal 1 is not an option. If you are planning to spend the night or with extended layovers might need to prepare accordingly, bringing snacks and finding creative ways to rest comfortably.

Comfort and Sleeping Areas

  • Terminal 2 is noted for its safety and cleanliness, important factors for travelers, especially those spending the night or navigating layovers. However, it lacks the extensive amenities and designated rest areas found in Terminal 1.
  • Lights and sounds in Terminal 2 are reportedly turned down during the night hours, which could aid in creating a more restful environment, despite the lack of comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Amenities and Services

  • The terminal seems to have sparse amenities, particularly when it comes to food services at night. Reviews indicate no overnight food options, with all restaurants closing by 9 PM and only vending machines available after hours.
  • Terminal 2’s staff receives positive mentions for being nice, which can enhance the travel experience for guests navigating through the terminal.

Temperature and Noise

  • The terminal is described as quiet, which could be beneficial for travelers sensitive to noise. However, the lack of comfortable areas to lay down might offset the benefits of this quietude for those looking to sleep.

Navigation and Security

  • Reviews suggest Terminal 2 is smaller and easier to navigate compared to Terminal 1, potentially making it simpler for travelers to find their way around.

Where to Sleep in Minneapolis Airport: 7 Best Spots:

Terminal 1 – Airside

  1. Near Gates E & F Entrances
    • Features: Sleeping pads, used pillows, and blankets. Bright due to nearby Skymall but offers nearby bathroom access on the mezzanine level. Very hot.
    • Note: Good for unplanned overnight stays; food services close by 9 PM.
  2. Mezzanine Level, Level 3 Quiet Areas
    • Features: Two designated quiet areas with comfortable seating options without armrests.
    • Note: Offers a quieter environment away from the main foot traffic, ideal for uninterrupted rest.
  3. Gates A13-14 and B13
    • Features: Quieter areas, especially at night.
    • Note: Best for those seeking a more secluded spot away from the main concourse activities.
  4. Concourse D, Observation Deck
    • Features: A quieter spot that may offer some peace away from the bustling airport environment.
    • Note: Availability and comfort might vary; suitable for those looking for a unique resting spot.
  5. Concourse E
    • Features: Benches without armrests spread throughout, suitable for lying down.
    • Note: Can be busy; look for quieter times or spots near less frequented gates.
  6. Floor 2 Between Chilli’s, Dunkin, and Starbucks
    • Features: Quiet designated area with comfortable couches, extra mattresses, charging spots, near water fountain and bathrooms.
    • Cons: Nearby pizzeria plays music all night but can be ignored. People start arriving around 3:30 AM.
    • Additional Notes: In proximity to breakfast places opening at 4:30 AM.

Terminal 1 – Landside

  1. Baggage Claim Area
    • Features: Semi-private carpeted areas behind the escalators offer a bit of seclusion for resting on the floor.
    • Note: More suited for those who can’t find a comfortable spot airside or need a temporary resting place before checking in.

Additional Sleeping Options

  • Pay Massage Chairs: Scattered throughout the airport, these chairs offer a potential resting spot without the need for a massage purchase, though comfort may vary.

Hotel Options to Book at MSP for Comfortable Sleep:

Here’s a very brief overview of each hotel at or near MSP airport, highlighting key features that cater to travelers:

Intercontinental Minneapolis Airport

  • Location: Directly connected to the Lindbergh Terminal via skyway, offering unparalleled convenience for airport access.
  • Features: Upscale accommodations with sophisticated dining options, a spa, and comprehensive business facilities.
  • Check Rates

AC Hotel Bloomington Mall of America

  • Location: Minutes away from MSP and steps from the Mall of America, accessible with a free shuttle service.
  • Features: Modern design with European-inspired rooms, a fitness center, and stylish lounge areas.
  • Check Rates

Courtyard by Marriott Bloomington by Mall of America

  • Location: Close to the airport and the Mall of America, includes free shuttle service to both.
  • Features: Comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, and a bistro serving breakfast and dinner.
  • Check Rates

Element Bloomington Mall of America

  • Distance from MSP:1.9 miles
  • Location: Short distance from MSP, near Mall of America, offers shuttle service.
  • Features: Eco-friendly hotel with spacious rooms, complimentary breakfast, and fully-equipped kitchens in suites.
  • Check Rates

Hampton Inn & Suites Minneapolis St. Paul Arpt-Mall of America

  • Location: Near MSP and Mall of America, with free shuttle service.
  • Features: Free hot breakfast, indoor pool, and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi.
  • Check Rates

Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Airport Mall of America

  • Location: Very close to MSP and the Mall of America, free shuttle service available.
  • Features: On-site restaurant, indoor pool, and spacious rooms with a microwave and refrigerator.
  • Check Rates

Hyatt Place Minneapolis Airport – South

  • Location: Minutes from the airport and Mall of America, shuttle service provided.
  • Features: Cozy rooms with separate sleeping and living areas, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast included.
  • Check Rates

Hyatt Regency Bloomington-Minneapolis

  • Distance from MSP:1.7 miles
  • Location: Near MSP and the Mall of America, with easy access to light rail.
  • Features: Upscale accommodations, a fitness center, indoor pool, and on-site dining options.
  • Check Rates

Radisson Blu Mall of America

  • Location: Directly connected to the Mall of America, short drive/shuttle to MSP.
  • Features: Chic rooms, an indoor pool, spa, and direct mall access.
  • Check Rates

SpringHill Suites Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport/Mall of America

  • Location: Close to both MSP and the Mall of America, offers free shuttle service.
  • Features: Spacious suites with free Wi-Fi and breakfast, an indoor pool, and a fitness center.
  • Check Rates

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