11 Places to Sleep at Newark Airport with No Pods

If you’re flying through Newark Airport which lies to the West of New York’s JFK, you may not have a lot of sleeping or rest options but this guide will assist you with what you can opt for. Newark Airport handles about a third of JFK’s traffic volume annually and is considerably busy for its 3 terminals if you’re connecting a flight here, you may be wondering if a sleeping pod or sleep capsules are available in this airport. First, let me explain the concept of sleeping pods.

Are there sleeping pods at Newark Airport?

Unfortunately, Newark Airport does not currently have sleeping pods available, such as those offered by Minute Suites. Among major airports, Newark is less equipped with dedicated facilities for travelers seeking a comfortable place to nap or rest. However, it’s worth noting that other East Coast airports, like JFK, do offer these amenities. There is optimism that Newark Airport may introduce similar sleep solutions in the near future.

Image of GoSleep Sleep Pods installed in other airports such as Helsinki Airport and Perth Airport

What is a sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod is a self-contained and enclosed structure that provides passengers with comfort, privacy, security, and convenience. They are the perfect alternatives to hotel rooms or other sleeping places in an airport as they are compact and cost-effective.

These sleeping pods are equipped with basic amenities like comfortable pillows & blankets, charging points for laptops/phones, internet access in most cases, and even a TV/audio system. Some pods also provide a place to store your luggage and some even have showers too!

And There is No info on Minute Suites expanding to EWR:

Minute Suites, the largest sleep pod operator with over 15 airport locations, has not announced any plans to expand to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Furthermore, the preliminary EWR Redevelopment Plan does not include any mention of creating space for capsule hotel operators like Minute Suites or Yotel. The focus of the redevelopment plan appears to be on enhancing terminal facilities, improving passenger flow, and upgrading amenities without specific provisions for such sleep pod accommodations.

Below is a snapshot from the new EWR Redevelopment website.


EWR Redevelopment Plans doesn't indicate plans to create space for sleep pod operators such as Minute Suites

So where can I sleep at Newark Airport?

For travelers needing to rest at Newark Airport, there are several spots across its terminals that stand out for their relative comfort and tranquility. In Terminal B, the benches located near Carlo’s Bakery offer a practical sleeping option as they lack arm separators, allowing for a more comfortable lying position. However, the area can be quite cold, so it’s advisable to dress warmly and consider bringing noise-cancelling headphones and an eye mask to block out the ambient light and sound, enhancing your chances of uninterrupted sleep.

Over in Terminal A, the food court before security checks presents another viable option for weary passengers. This area features soft padded benches that provide a degree of comfort. Given its brightness and potential for noise, travelers might find an eye mask and earplugs or headphones beneficial for a more peaceful rest.

A prime sleeping spot can be found near Gate C70 in Terminal C, where a small, carpeted, and darkened area offers a secluded environment ideal for sleeping away from the main flow of airport foot traffic. Due to its popularity, this spot is often in high demand, so arriving early or having an alternative location in mind is wise.

Lastly, the vicinity of the United Customer Service area in Terminal C is recommended for those looking for a quiet place to rest. The area is carpeted and becomes notably quieter after the customer service desks close, significantly reducing pedestrian traffic. With these factors in mind, it becomes a peaceful spot for rest, especially when equipped with items to mitigate the airport’s inherent brightness and noise.

Remember to bring your own sleeping bag, mats, hoodie, gloves, blanket, and other gear for warmth if you plan to sleep on the floor at night. These items may not always be available. EWR is also less noisy at night compared to during the day. This may only be worth it if you have an overnight layover and don’t want to book hotels. The full list of best locations is below.

Hotel at/near Newark Airport to Sleep(free shuttle):

The Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott is located on the grounds of the Newark Liberty International Airport and lets you avoid the hassle of dealing with traffic to hotels further from the airport. If you have luggage, you can reach to arrange pick-up for free at +1 973-623-0006. With its proximity and convinience, they charge a premium – upwards of $300 but can check rates today here.

Wyndham Garden Newark Airport is known for its value and comfort, providing guests with a pleasant stay without breaking the bank. Rooms are designed with an eye for simplicity and functionality, catering well to both short and long stays. The hotel also features dining facilities and meeting rooms, accommodating both vacationers and business travelers alike.

Hampton Inn Newark-Airport (3.8 miles from airport) offers the dependable quality associated with the brand, focusing on comfortable rooms, free hot breakfast, and friendly service. This hotel is an excellent choice for families and individuals looking for a hassle-free stay with all the necessary amenities for a good night’s sleep and a great start to the day.

Hilton Newark Airport, located just a mile from the airport stands out with its upscale accommodations and exceptional service. Guests can expect spacious, elegantly appointed rooms and a range of luxurious amenities, including a fitness center, indoor pool, and dining options that showcase a variety of cuisines. Its business facilities make it an excellent choice for corporate travelers as well. Its rates are almost half of Marriott’s.

Best Western Plus Newark Airport West is 2.3 miles from EWR and combines comfort with convenience, offering well-appointed rooms and complimentary breakfast. Known for its friendly service and comfortable accommodations, this hotel caters to travelers looking for a reliable stay close to the airport, with the added value of a 24-hour free shuttle service.

The Crowne Plaza Newark Airport is a hotel located at 901 Spring St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201. You can contact them at (908) 527-1600. The hotel is situated 2.09 km away from the airport and provides a free shuttle service. It costs less than $150 a night.

You may consider Howard Johnson by Wyndham Newark Airport as another airport option. It is situated at 20 Frontage Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, with a distance of only 2.73 km from Newark Airport. You can contact them at (973) 536-0482. They also provide a free airport shuttle service at less than $130 a night.

Newark Airport Sleep and Fly:

Sleep and Fly programs are becoming increasingly popular among travelers as they offer convenience and cost savings. This service allows travelers to park their cars in a secure lot close to the airport, take a shuttle bus to the terminal, and return when they land from their flight. The Best Western Plus Newark Airport is one of few hotels that offers this service at its hotel located at 101 International Way, Newark, NJ 07114. You can contact them at (973) 621-6200.

For more information, visit their website or call their reservations line. They offer discounted parking rates and a shuttle bus to the airport terminals when they return from their flight as part of this service.

11 Best Free Spots to Sleep at EWR

Based on fliers’ reviews and experiences, here are the 10 Locations Fliers Found Good Sleep in Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR):

  1. Carlo’s Bakery Vicinity in Terminal B: Benches without arm separators, cold but manageable with proper attire. They are right across from Carlo’s Bakery but will need good noise-cancelling headphones, warm clothes and eye mask.
  2. Terminal A Food Court: Soft padded benches before security allow some comfort, though it’s relatively bright and can get noisy.
  3. Prime Sleeping Spot Near Gate C70: A small carpeted area, dark and secluded, provides an ideal environment for rest away from the main foot traffic. However, availability can be limited due to high demand for this spot.
  4. Terminal C by United Customer Service Area: Another favorable location for sleep is near the United customer service desks. This area is also carpeted and becomes particularly quiet when the desks close for the night, reducing pedestrian traffic and noise.
  5. Terminal C Gate 120: Quiet area, with occasional PA announcements. Some found the floor and the presence of a piano soothing but one flier noted that it was cold at night.
  6. Terminal C Gate 133 and Gate 134 Cots(Only available during flight cancellations): Offer an unexpected but welcome resting spot during mass flight cancellations. Sometimes the cots are left there for much longer even after flights have resume and may find a spot. They’re behind a pillar next to windows, though cold and near a loud TV.
  7. Terminal C United Club C123: Spacious but beware of possible harassment if you fall asleep.
  8. Terminal B Lounge Area: Offers padded chairs and power outlets, making it a less comfortable but viable option.
  9. Meditation/Prayer Room in Terminal C: A quiet space used by some for rest, though it can get warm.
  10. Chairs in New Terminal A: Hard surfaces but offer lying space and close to chargers.
  11. Liberty Conference Room Area in Terminal C, Departure Area: Floor is hard, but it’s away from the hustle and offers dim lighting for a quieter sleep.

Review of Newark Airport Sleep Quality:

I analyzed hundreds of reviews from various forums and summarized the key positives and drawbacks of sleep at this airport to help you prepare:


  • Availability of Cots: Some passengers have found cots available for use, particularly in Terminal C near gate C95, which significantly improves the comfort level for overnight stays.
  • Not Being Kicked Out: Unlike some airports where passengers might be asked to leave secure areas overnight, Newark allows passengers to stay, providing a sense of security.
  • Recliner Seats in New Terminal A: The new Terminal A offers recliner seats with small tables and charging outlets, providing a somewhat comfortable resting area despite the hard surfaces.
  • Food Court Areas: Before security, the food court areas in Terminal A have padded chairs where passengers have been able to rest.
  • Warmth in Certain Areas: Some areas, particularly around food courts or specific gates, tend to be warmer, which can be a comfort during colder months.


  • General Discomfort: Many areas are equipped with seats that have armrests, preventing passengers from lying down comfortably. The floors are often the only option, which can be hard and uncomfortable.
  • Noise and Light: The airport can be noisy with frequent announcements, and many areas remain brightly lit throughout the night, making it difficult to sleep.
  • Cold Temperatures: Many passengers report the airport being very cold, necessitating warm clothing or blankets for comfort.
  • Limited Food and Beverage Options Overnight: While some food outlets are open 24 hours, options can be limited, and nothing may be available in certain terminals or concourses.
  • Security and Homelessness: There are reports of encounters with homeless people within the airport, which may concern some passengers. However, there’s also a presence of security and police patrols.
  • Inadequate Signage and Amenities: Some passengers have noted poor signage, particularly for amenities like rental cars, and a lack of comfortable sleeping or lounging options in certain terminals.

7 Practical Tips to Get Good Sleep at Newark Airport:

For flyers looking to catch some sleep at Newark Airport, here’s some straightforward advice distilled from various passenger experiences:

  1. Seek Out Cots: Terminal C has been mentioned several times for having cots available, especially near Gate C95 and other specific areas like Gates 70-139. It’s worth asking customer service directly about the availability of cots, as they are not always openly visible.
  2. Prepare for Conditions: The airport can be very cold and bright in many areas. Bringing warm clothing, a sleep mask, and earplugs can greatly improve your ability to sleep comfortably. Consider a cushion or a travel pillow if you’ll be using chairs or the floor.
  3. Find Quieter Areas: Some terminals and concourses have quieter areas, such as meditation or prayer rooms, which might offer a more peaceful setting for sleep. The area near the Liberty Conference Room and unused spots across from certain eateries have been noted as quieter.
  4. Be Aware of Security Policies: Overnight stays in post-security areas are generally tolerated, especially in Terminal C, but policies can change, and some areas might close overnight. It’s best to check the current situation upon arrival or with your airline.
  5. Safety First: Keep your belongings secure and stay in well-lit, populated areas if possible. There have been reports of theft and uncomfortable encounters, so stay alert and consider sleeping airside (post-security) if you can.
  6. Consider Food and Amenities: Many shops and eateries close by 11 PM, so plan your meals and purchases ahead. A few spots like Dunkin’ Donuts may be open 24/7, providing options for late-night or early-morning snacks.
  7. Stay Informed and Flexible: Airport conditions and policies can change, so it’s crucial to stay informed and flexible with your plans. Use available resources like airport staff, information desks, and signs to guide your decisions on where to rest.

Remember, every traveler’s experience can vary, so these tips are general guidelines based on the collective input from past visitors to Newark Airport.

More tips on sleeping on hard cold floors:

If you’re preparing to sleep on the hard floor, possibly at an airport or similar setting where cots or more comfortable sleeping options might not always be available, here are some tips and advice to consider for a more restful experience:

  1. Bring a Sleeping Mat or Pad: A thin, rollable sleeping mat can provide significant comfort when sleeping on hard surfaces. There are inflatable options that are lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack. I like this lightweight inflatable mat, that you can easy keep on your carry-on luggage.
  2. Use Your Baggage as a Pillow: If you don’t have a pillow, you can use your soft-sided luggage or a backpack as a makeshift pillow. Wrap it in a soft shirt or scarf to make it more comfortable.
  3. Wear Warm and Comfortable Clothing: Airports can be cold, especially at night. Wear layers and bring a jacket or a travel blanket. Socks and a beanie can also help keep you warm.
  4. Pack Earplugs and an Eye Mask: To block out noise and light, use earplugs and an eye mask. These items can significantly improve the quality of your sleep in a busy environment. This best-selling brand called Mzoo claims to block 100% of the light and you won’t go wrong with Loop Quiet Ear Plugs with noise reduction rating (SNR) of 26 decibels. 
  5. Find a Quiet Spot: Look for a quiet corner away from the main thoroughfares. Areas near gates at the end of terminals or meditation/prayer rooms can be good options.
  6. Use Your Belongings Wisely: Organize your luggage in a way that creates a more level sleeping surface. For instance, lay out clothes inside to make a smoother, softer area.
  7. Stay Secure: Keep your luggage close to you and use it as a barrier or a pillow to ensure no one can tamper with it without waking you. Consider using a luggage lock for extra security.
  8. Stay Hydrated: Keep water nearby, but not too much that you’re waking up needing the restroom. Being well-hydrated helps you stay healthy, especially in the dry air of an airport.
  9. Consider Sleep Aids: If you’re comfortable using them, a mild sleep aid or natural supplements like melatonin can help you get to sleep faster. Just be sure they don’t cause you to sleep so deeply that you miss your flight or ignore your surroundings.
  10. Stay Charged: If you’re using your phone as an alarm, make sure it’s fully charged or plugged in nearby. Keep your charging cable and a portable battery in your carry-on for easy access.
  11. Inform Someone of Your Plan: If you’re traveling alone, let a friend or family member know your itinerary, including your plan to sleep in the airport. If possible, check in with a staff member or security to let them know you’ll be there overnight.
  12. Set Multiple Alarms: To ensure you don’t oversleep, set multiple alarms on your phone or watch. Consider setting one a bit earlier than you need to give yourself time to freshen up before your flight.


Is Newark Airport open 24/7?

Yes, Newark Airport is open 24/7 but you may not be allowed to sleep or stay past security area as it closes at 11 and reopens at 4 am.

Are there sleeping pods at Newark Airport?

No, unfortunately, providers of pay-per-sleep session providers such as Minute Suites have not expanded to Newark Airport yet.

Where can I sleep at Newark Airport?

You may sleep in seats without armrests in Terminals A and B at the airport. Alternatively, you can stay at one of the nearby hotels such as the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, Hilton Newark Airport, Hampton Inn Newark Airport or Crowne Plaza Newark Airport. Check out good hotels near Newark Airport with free shuttle and their pricing comparison.

Does Newark Airport offer sleep and fly programs?

Yes, the Best Western Plus hotel located at 101 International Way in Newark offers a sleep and fly program which allows travelers to park their cars in a secure lot, take a shuttle bus to the terminal, and return when they land from their flight.

Are there showers available at Newark Airport?

At this time, there are no sleeping pods available so showers are not available either. However some of the nearby hotels offer shower facilities. For example, the Hilton Newark Airport offers guests access to its fitness center, which includes a steam room and showers.

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