Phoenix Airport Doesn’t Have Sleep Pods or Suites: Alternatives

Phoenix Airport scores an E rating in terms of airport sleep quality with no designated resting zones and minimal armrests-free chairs. The airport management hasn’t made any progress innovating to introduce innovative airport sleep technologies such as sleeping pods, suites, sleep capsules or cabin hotels. In this article, I explain the lack of sleeping pods at this airport and alternative free sleep options as well as hotels that you can opt for.

Does Phoenix Airport have sleep pods?

Phoenix Airport does not currently have sleeping pods available for travelers and neither has Minute Suites expanded to this airport. This can be inconvenient for those who are in need of a quick rest or a long layover.

Despite ranking as the 8th busiest airport in the United States and the 22nd busiest globally as of 2021, and serving as a hub for American Airlines, alongside being a base for Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines, this airport has yet to introduce any innovations to aid travelers in getting some rest during layovers.

I was able to review Phoenix Skyharbor’s comprehensive strategic plan and noted that the management is looking into developing a high-end hotel at the terminal core but does not specify if it is open or even looking into considering innovative sleep technologies such as sleep pods.

Phoenix Airport strategic plan showing designs including plans to build high-end hotel within terminal but no details about sleeping pod options or Minute Suites

Drawbacks of missing sleeping pods at Phoenix Airport:

  1. Inconvenience for travelers: As mentioned earlier, the lack of sleeping pods can be inconvenient for travelers who are in need of a quick rest or have a long layover. This is especially true for those traveling with children or elderly passengers.
  2. Limited resting options: Currently, the only free resting option available at Phoenix Airport is seating areas in designated quiet zones. However, these areas can often be crowded and uncomfortable for extended periods of time.
  3. Decreased productivity: For business travelers, not having access to sleeping pods means they are unable to rest and recharge before their next meeting or flight. This can lead to decreased productivity during layovers.
  4. Health concerns: Lack of sleep can have negative effects on an individual’s health, including weakened immune systems and increased risk of accidents. Without proper rest options at the airport, travelers may experience these negative effects.
  5. Missed opportunities for revenue: By not offering innovative sleeping solutions such as sleep pods, Phoenix Airport is missing out on potential revenue from travelers who are willing to pay for a comfortable and private place to rest during layovers.

Where to sleep in Phoenix Airport in the absence of Sleeping Pods:

Free sleep options:

During daytime layovers or before 10 pm at this airport, there are excellent spots for short naps inside restaurants and cafes. One highlighted location is Four Peaks Brewery in Terminal 4, known for its comfortable benches. Another traveler shared sleeping tips at Wildflower Bakery on the second floor of Terminal 4, near the elevator in the center that leads to all gates.

In Terminal 4 near D Gates or the American Airlines Gates at the end of Concourse B on the airside, you may be lucky getting one of the armrest-free benches.

There are few red reclining chairs by the Spirit Airlines Gates at Terminal 3.

You can also grab benches in T3 Landslide upstairs at Starbucks.

Relax in lounges:

While lounges at Arizona’s Phoenix Skyharbour Airport are not open for 24 hours, you can access them during the day and before 10pm. Below are great options that you can take advantage of if you are eligible;

  • If you are a member of the military, get to USO Arizona Lounge at Level 2 in Terminal 4. Get more details here.
  • Near Gate B4, Level 3 in Terminal 4 you can access the seating at American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge. It is open from 6 am to 9pm. More details here.

Get details of all the 7 lounges here. Out of the 7 lounges at Phoenix Airport, only Escape Lounge is accessible on pay-per-use basis and can pay $40 in advance or $45 at the door. Check out the details here.

You can use this interactive map to navigate the airport.

Other alternatives to Arizona’s Phoenix Airport Sleep Pods: Phoenix Airport Hotels

Below are some hotels you can consider in the absence of in-airport sleep amenities;

  • Extend-a-Suites – Phoenix Airport; 1.2 miles>> Check Rates
  • Aloft Phoenix Airport; 1.8 miles  » Check Rates
  • Hyatt Place Tempe Phoenix Airport  » Check Rates
  • Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport; 1.4 miles from PHX  » Check Rates
  • Crown Plaza Phoenix Airport  » Check Rates
  • SureStay By Best Western Phoenix Airport; 1.1 miles >> Check Rates

Check out all hotels near Phoenix Airport here.


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