Airports with Sleeping Pods for Sleep on the Go

If you’re a frequent traveler tired of uncomfortable layovers on hard terminal benches, sleep pods offer a solution. Our guide to airports equipped with sleeping pods will help you plan your layovers more effectively, allowing you to enjoy better rest at the airport.

Our guide to airports with sleep pods will inform you of which airports have installed these innovative technologies, their locations, pricing overview and amenities you can expect next time you are looking for convenient sleep solution within the airport terminals.

3 Main Types of Sleeping Pods in Airports:

Sleeping pods vary in design but share a common purpose: to offer a compact resting space with a flat or reclining surface for sleeping. The main types include:

  1. Capsule-Design Pods: Created by GoSleep and RestWorks, these offer a futuristic resting experience.
  2. Mini-Suite Designs: Brands like Minute Suites, YotelAir, Nap Pods, and Aerotel offer a more spacious and private rest.
  3. Capsule Hotel Design: Popular in Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, these provide a unique, space-efficient sleeping arrangement, often featuring lower and upper levels to maximize space.

US Airports with Sleeping Pods:

The most successful sleep pod designs in US airports are the mini-suites. These compact, soundproofed spaces come equipped with a bed, bedding, a thermostat, lighting controls, and noise-cancelling devices, offering travelers a serene and private rest area.

The concept of sleeping pods, with their compact, space-efficient design ideal for airport terminals, has been around for two decades. However, their adoption by US airports has significantly increased in the last five years.

Several airports, including JFK and Heathrow, initially embraced the concept of capsule-design sleep pods from GoSleep or RestWorks. However, they have discontinued their use due to overwhelmingly negative feedback from customers.

In the next section, you’ll find more details on the available options, focusing less on sleep pods that are either not currently operational or have been permanently discontinued. Let’s start with JFK.

John F. Kennedy International Airport:

JFK has installed 7 sleep pods in the form of mini-suites which are compact rooms operated by American airport-hotel operated called Minute Suites.

When you book Minute Suites, you can look forward to a service that’s both efficient and friendly, despite the minimal interaction with the staff.

Upon check-in, you receive a key card granting you in-and-out access to your private suite, which is a quiet, cozy space equipped for work or relaxation.

These suites offer privacy and comfort with daybeds designed for napping, easily accommodating one to four guests, though more than two might find the space snug.

You can choose from 7 pods each equipped to provide you with comfortable rest with the following amenities:

  • A sofa that transforms into a bed,
  • Sound masking system to help reduce the loud noises in the busy terminal
  • A personal thermostat enables precise control over the environment, providing optimal comfort and convenience.
  • Temporary office space for guests
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Complimentary Smart TV’s
  • Minute Suites provides spacious rooms that comfortably accommodate two to four adults, offering a relaxing environment unlike Escape Pods and GoSleep pods, which can only fit one person.
  • Disabled access
  • No smoking environment
  • Air conditioning
  • Shower at an additional fee
  • Flight information tracker
  • Fax
MInute Suites Sleep Pods at John F. Kennedy in NYC
MInute Suites Sleep Pods at John F. Kennedy in NYC

The JFK Pods are located near Gate near Gate B39 at Concourse B in Terminal 4. If you arrive at Terminal 4 and have a connecting flight at the same terminal, you can easily move between the arrivals level and the concourse level using the connecting walkway.

You can book a minimum of one hour for $55 and after the first hour, the fee increases by $13.75 every 15 mins and if you find yourself with a long overnight layover, you can book for 8-hour block after 9 PM for $195. You are allowed to bring up to 4 guests to your suite and if you have Priority Pass, your first hour is complimentary and will need to pay a discounted rate that increases after every 15 mins.

Workstations complete with ergonomic chairs, ample power outlets, and free Wi-Fi ensure a productive environment.

Minute Suites Workstation

Despite varying hours across locations, access is straightforward, especially for Priority Pass members who enjoy complimentary first hours. Reservations can be made online well in advance, accommodating even unaccompanied minors, with a straightforward cancellation policy. Pets are welcome at certain locations for a fee. The emphasis on cleanliness is clear, with strict penalties for inappropriate use of the suites. Overall, Minute Suites provide a tranquil and private space for airport travelers, with varied amenities to enhance the layover experience.

For those needing extra amenities like pillows, blankets, or even sleep masks and facial cleansers, be prepared for higher prices.

Minute Suites Menu

You’ll need a boarding pass to access the pods and if you want to freshen up before your next flight, you can pay additional $20 to access shower facilities.

I’ve observed that several blogs are outdated, incorrectly stating that GoSleep pods are still available in Terminal 5 at JFK. It’s important to correct this misinformation, as JetBlue has permanently removed the GoSleep Pods from Terminal 5.

The decision to phase them out likely stems from feedback from passengers who were concerned about the pods’ hygiene standards, particularly during the peak of the pandemic when fears of virus transmission were heightened. Despite JetBlue’s implementation of a self-cleaning model for the pods, it was met with dissatisfaction from many travelers.

Read more about JFK’s Sleep Pods here.

San Francisco International Airport:

The SFO Nap Pod offers travelers a refreshing and perfect rest solution. Located in the international terminal, the nap rooms are challenging to find without assistance and operate on a first-come, first-served basis, making advance booking impossible.

SFO Nap Pods is operated by Airport Travel Group, a minority-owned San Francisco-based company that provides ‘Freshen Up’ or shower facilities and bagging services among pay-per-use services.

Below is an image of the SFO Nap pod that Ashley Probst of Business Insider took in her review.

SFO Airport Sleeping Pod, among US Airports with Sleep Pods

Unlike Minute Suites, SFO minimum booking is 3 hours and cost $150 including an optional shower at a discounted rate. Price for 4 hours is $195 and price for 5 hours is $245. For an overnight sleep, from 7pm to 7am the price is $275.00. Unlike Minute Suites that give you freedom to add up to 4 people at no additional cost, SFO Nap Pods charge $25 for an additional person to the pod.

Although the rooms are small, they’re well-equipped with essentials such as a bed, mirror, TV, and WiFi, with the bed’s comfort being a notable highlight despite the potential need for additional blankets.

Contrary to my expectations for sleep pods to be completely soundproof, the noise levels in SFO nap pods can be bothersome. They don’t match up to the YotelAir pods, which remain my top choice for tech design and superior sound masking.

While spacious and well-stocked, offer a slippery surface. Ultimately, the experience is deemed valuable for the weary traveler, despite its price and noise-related shortcomings.

The Small Nap Room Suite View room caters to travelers seeking a private space to rest, equipped with a range of amenities to enhance their stay. Each nap room features a comfortable bed, complimentary Wi-Fi, a computer desk for work or browsing, a full-size mirror for convenience, and the option to request a flight board to keep tabs on flight statuses. Additionally, special discount rates are available for employees and military personnel, making it an economically wise choice for those eligible. Pricing for the nap rooms starts at $150 for a minimum three-hour stay during the hours of 6am to 7pm, with extended hours available at $195 for four hours and $245 for five hours. For travelers needing overnight accommodations from 7pm to 7am, the rate is set at $275. An option to add a shower with a suite rental is available for an extra $25, enhancing the comfort and refreshment of guests. For an additional charge of $25, a second person can be accommodated in the nap room, allowing for shared travel rest experiences.

Image of SFO Small Nap Pod
Image of SFO Small Nap Pod

The Large Nap Room Suite View room offers a spacious and inviting environment for travelers to unwind and rejuvenate. This suite, designed for those seeking a bit more room and comfort, comes with a variety of amenities aimed at enhancing the guest experience. Pricing for this larger suite is competitive, beginning at $175 for a minimum stay of three hours during the daytime hours of 6am to 7pm. For those needing a bit more time to relax or work, the cost is $210 for four hours and $255 for five hours. For guests requiring overnight accommodations from 7pm to 7am, the rate for this larger suite is $290. This option caters to travelers’ diverse needs and schedules, ensuring a comfortable and restful stay.

Image of SFO Small Nap Pod
Image of SFO Large Nap Pod

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

You can also utilize sleep pods in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport operated by Minute Suites.

In August 2018 when the City of Atlanta announced collaboration with Minute Suites to introduce sleep suites at Atlanta Airport, providing travelers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with a private and cozy space to rest. Minute Suites has since scaled from occupying one location to present four locations with the latest addition being the Concourse E pods.

  1. Concourse B near Gate B24.
  2. Concourse B near Gate B16.
  3. Concourse E, Atrium at the top of the escalators
  4. Concourse F near Gate F6

The design and look of Minute Suites’ pods at ATL are similar to those at JFK and can comfortably fit two people although 4 people are allowed to occupy at a time. Once settled in your pod, you can enjoy a range of amenities, including SmartTv, free Wi-Fi, sound-masking system and a minibar filled with a selection of drinks and snacks available for purchase. It’s important to note, however, that unlike the Minute Suites at JFK, the ATL Minute Suites lack shower facilities, though they share all other amenities, including access to 2.5 bathrooms.

The pricing structure for the suites mirrors that of JFK’s offerings. Guests can reserve a suite for a minimum of one hour at $55, with subsequent 15-minute increments costing an additional $13.75 each. For those facing a lengthy overnight layover, an 8-hour block is available post-9 PM for $195. Each suite accommodates up to four guests. Priority Pass holders benefit from a complimentary first hour, followed by a reduced rate that escalates every 15 minutes. Reservations for these suites can be made through the

Dallas Forth-Worth International Airport(DFW):

You can access Minutes Suites at DFW at any of the two terminals of choice; Terminal A and D. Terminal A does not feature shower facilities as Terminal D location. The Minutes Suites at DFW Terminal A is near Gate A38, right after security and is open 24 hours a day. It’s on Level 1 at the Departures or Check-in Level.

The Minutes Suites at DFW Terminal D is near Gate D23, right after security and is open 24 hours daily. It’s on Level 2 at the Departures or Check-in Level.

The DFW Minute Suites offer a straightforward and transparent pricing model that is highly appreciated by travelers. Unlike GoSleep Pods that were installed in JFK, these pods have been successful in mitigating background noise, providing a more peaceful rest experience. The availability of shower facilities, priced at $30, includes generous amenities such as towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, adding to the comfort of travelers in transit.

The suites are equipped with daybeds that can comfortably sleep two, distinguishing them from similar services at other airports. Importantly, Priority Pass cardholders benefit from significant discounts, making the DFW Minute Suites an even more attractive option for those with the card.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Traveling through Charlotte Douglas International Airport? You’re in luck as there is also a Minute Suites location at this airport. Located outside of the security checkpoint, this location offers comfortable suites with daybeds and a desk for those looking to get some work done during their layover.

Traveling through airports can often be a hectic experience, but for those passing through Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), the Minute Suites location offers a tranquil oasis right in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Image credit:tpg

Charlotte Airport Minute Suites

Located within the Airside Atrium, close to the Food Court and the entrances to Concourses B and C, travelers can find the customer service desk that operates around the clock. This desk offers a range of amenities including Flight Monitor TVs, private rooms featuring a daybed spacious enough for two, a strictly non-smoking environment suitable for individuals above 18 years, access for cardholders, Wi-Fi connectivity, and shower facilities.

Just a short walk from the Atrium Minutes Suites, a second set of sleep pods by Minute Suites is conveniently located near the Plaza, immediately past security on Level 2.

If you want to access the shower facilities, both of these location at CLT have them and just need to pay additional $20 to access them.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport,

Situated at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Minute Suites lauched in Nov 2022 to offer a cozy and convenient retreat for transit travelers. These suites are strategically placed between Gates C14 and C16 in Terminal C, specifically on Level 2 within the Departures/Check-in area, ensuring easy access. The locale, boasting 5 suites, is ideally positioned near Gate C14, adjacent to Olio Panini Bar and CIBO Express Gourmet Market, providing travelers with comfort and convenience airside.

The suites are equipped with amenities such as daybeds, a desk, and complimentary towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Priority Pass cardholders also receive significant discounts on these amenities.

The Minute Suites location at IAH also offers a selection of food and beverage options, including beer, wine, and snacks for purchase. They also have shower facilities available for an additional fee.

For those with longer layovers or delays, the Minute Suites are a great option to catch up on rest or work in a quiet and comfortable environment. Plus, with the added amenities and discounts, it’s a cost-effective choice for travelers.

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

At Salt Lake City International Airport, travelers can find Minute Suites within Concourse A, primarily operated by Delta. This was a big feat for Minute Suites as this airport was its 15th location!

Minute Suites Day Bed in Salt Lake City inside a Pod
Minute Suites Day Bed in Salt Lake City inside a Pod

While the design and aesthetic of Minute Suites rooms may prioritise functionality over flair, lacking the modern vibe seen in competitors like Yotel, they are consistent across locations. Equipped with a couch that doubles as a bed, a desk, office chair, and a wall-mounted TV with access to various streaming services (though requiring personal logins), the rooms offer the basic comforts for resting or working. Ambient noise is managed with a sound masking device, eliminating the external hustle and redirecting focus inward, to peace or productivity.

Despite criticisms regarding the feel and upkeep of the suites, the private space within the crowded airport setting is undeniably valuable. For those with Priority Pass access or needing an isolated spot for work, rest, or just a momentary break from airport chaos, Minute Suites at Salt Lake City International Airport presents a practical though somewhat simplistic solution.

SLC Workstation Minute Suites
SLC Workstation Minute Suites

There are a total of seven suites are strategically positioned on Level 2, nestled between Gates A31 and A33 for easy access. Adjacent to Minute Suites SLC, guests will find the Utah Jazz Pro Shop to the left and the Hugo Coffee Shop along with Blue Iguana to the right. Each of the 7 private suites is furnished with daybeds and desks, offering complimentary amenities to enhance your stay.

  • A chair that converts into a bed – called Flexibed
  • A table to get work done
  • Charging ports
  • Pillow
  • Flight tracker
  • WiFi
  • Noise-free room
  • TV
  • Sound machine

At Salt Lake City, travelers can also take advantage of the many dining options available at the airport, including local favorites such as Cafe Rio and Smashburger. And with a convenient location near gates and amenities like WiFi and flight trackers in each suite, travelers can easily stay connected and productive during their layover or delay.

In addition to providing comfort and convenience for travelers, Minute Suites also offers special discounts for military and airline employees. This is just one of the ways that Minute Suites strives to make travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Philadelphia International Airport(PHL)

At Philadelphia International Airport, finding the Minute Suites is straightforward. Positioned between Terminals A and B, closer to Terminal B, it’s easily accessible from the connector hallway. The Minute Suites at PHL comprises 13 separate suites, each equipped with comfortable amenities to make your stay as relaxing as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Location: Conveniently located in the Connector between Terminals A and B, with easy signage leading the way.
  • Access: Priority Pass Select members enjoy the first hour free, with subsequent hours charged at a discounted rate of $28/hour.
  • Noise Control: To combat ambient airport noise, each room is fitted with a white noise machine, providing a more peaceful environment.
  • Privacy & Comfort: Though the suites are compact, they offer enough space for one to two people to rest or work comfortably.

Ideal for those seeking a quiet spot for a power nap, catching up on shows, or needing a secluded space to work, Minute Suites at PHL provides a unique alternative to traditional airport lounges.

Additionally, Minute Suites caters to nursing mothers by offering private rooms designed for breastfeeding or pumping milk. These rooms are located on the secure walkway linking Terminal A-East with Terminal B. Remarkably, the first 30 minutes in the Mothers’ Nursing Station are complimentary.


Each suite at Philadelphia International Airport is equipped with amenities designed for optimal comfort and convenience. Guests can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi and entertainment options, including TVs with DirecTV and Netflix, ensuring you stay connected and entertained throughout your visit. The suites are private, offering a peaceful retreat with a comfortable bed, soft bedding, and a pillow for a restful experience. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

To ensure tranquility, each room is soundproof, providing a quiet environment where guests can relax undisturbed. Additionally, all suites are non-smoking and accessible only to those over 18 with a valid card, ensuring a clean and responsible atmosphere for all guests.

There are a total of 11 US airports that have installed sleep pods and this list is not exhaustive. Check back to see more details on US airports such as Nashville International Airport, Baltimore Washington International Airport, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

European Airports with Sleep Pods:

Gatwick Airport:

YOTELAIR sleep pods in London Gatwick Airport offers a unique and convenient accommodation option for travelers, located within the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport. Designed with efficiency and comfort in mind, these Japanese-style capsule hotels provide an ideal solution for short stays.

The rooms are available with limited hours for overnight booking, from 6 pm to 9 am, with the option to extend on an hourly basis. The check-in process is seamless, and guests are greeted by friendly staff. YOTELAIR cabins are compact but well-equipped, featuring amenities such as a monsoon rain shower, free Wi-Fi, and a smart TV for a comfortable and connected stay.

The cabins also boast modern, minimalist design and soundproofing to ensure a peaceful rest. With prices starting at £120 for a single cabin, YOTELAIR offers a more affordable alternative to traditional hotel stays within the airport, prioritizing convenience and simplicity for travelers.

  • 4-hour rate: £39 for a 75 square foot Standard pod (sleeps one) or £49 for a 110 square foot Premium pod (sleeps two).
  • 4-hour rate at night: £112 for Standard pod, £132 for Premium pod.
  • Amenities:bed with white linen; bathroom with mirror, coat henger, small shelf, fold-out table.

See rates on YotelAir website here.

Heathrow Airport:

YOTELAIR pods at Heathrow Airport offers travelers a unique accommodation right inside Terminal 4, providing a blend of convenience and innovation inspired by Japanese pod hotels and first-class airplane travel.

Designed for efficiency and tranquility, the pods, or “cabins” as they’re known, cater to solo travelers with standard cabins while also offering premium and triple bunk options for those requiring more space.

Each cabin is equipped with essential amenities including a comfortable bed, a monsoon rain shower, free Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV, ensuring a restful stay.

Despite its location within the bustling environment of an international airport, YOTELAIR promises and delivers an impressively quiet atmosphere, thanks to meticulous soundproofing. This unique lodging choice allows for hourly bookings, catering to guests with early departures or late arrivals, epitomizing convenience for transient travelers.

Istanbul Airport:

GoSleep Pods:

In Southern Europe, Istanbul has intalled two types of sleeping pods; the capsule-design sleep pod in iGA Lounge and mini-suites by YotelAir.

The IGA Lounge offers more than just the sleep pods. It has expansive seating and dining areas but sleeping pods stand out, catering particularly to travelers seeking rest between flights.


  1. Foldout bed
  2. USB and power outlets
  3. Privacy screen
  4. Storage space for luggage.
  5. Easy access to restroom facilities.
  6. Add-on (blanket, pillow, pillow case) are available at $3 extra

Despite their many conveniences, it’s worth noting that the ambient noise and occasional announcements from the airport can be heard, suggesting that while these pods are a quieter section of the airport, they could benefit from improved noise insulation for an even more restful experience.


YotelAir’s sleep cabins in Istanbul Airport makes it one of the largest airport hotels worldwide, boasting 451 rooms situated both landside and airside, near passport control for easy access. YOTELAIR provides flexible booking options, with day rates from four hours and night rates up until 8 AM, catering to travelers with early flights and eliminating the hassle of immigration and city travel. The Premium Plus King rooms, accommodating up to three guests, are equipped with modern amenities like a smart TV and an open-bathroom concept, designed to enhance comfort and convenience during layovers at Istanbul Airport.

Amsterdam Schipol Airport:

The Yotel in Schiphol Airport adopts characteristics from the concept of capsule hotels, prioritizing efficient use of space. The design of the hotel is inspired by a ‘space age’ aesthetic from the 1970s, featuring curved lines and indirect lighting.

Unlike traditional capsule hotels that offer minimalistic sleeping spaces, Yotel provides “cabins” that, although compact, are fully equipped with a twin-sized bed, a small bathroom, and a desk. The innovative design includes beds that are raised, requiring a step-ladder for access, reinforcing the capsule-like feel of the accommodations.

Each cabin has its own bathroom facilities, albeit in a condensed space, offering a private rain shower, sink, and toilet. For working guests, there’s a pull-out desk available, which, together with the provision of multiple electrical outlets, caters to the needs of modern travelers.

The lighting system within the cabins is notably sophisticated, offering various settings to accommodate different moods and activities. This compact and efficiently designed space is best suited for travelers with early flights or those carrying minimal luggage, providing a unique and convenient lodging solution within the airport’s premises.

Asian Airports with Sleep Pods:

Narita Airport:

The Nine Hours Capsule Hotel at Narita Airport illustrates Japan’s innovative approach to accommodation, uniquely merging the concepts of efficiency and minimalist living with the dynamic environment of an international airport.

This capsule hotel, situated directly within airport premises, provides travelers with compact yet meticulously designed pods for overnight stays or brief rests, priced around $49 (6,500 yen). Unlike conventional hotels, these capsules offer a blend of privacy and convenience, perfectly suited for guests with early departures, thereby eliminating the stress of airport commutes. Alongside essential amenities, the hotel features shared facilities such as lockers, bathrooms, showers, sinks, and vanity areas, all designed to enhance guest comfort and convenience.

Despite the unconventional nature of its sleeping arrangements, the Nine Hours Capsule Hotel at Narita Airport delivers a memorable stay, underpinning Japan’s innovative approach to accommodation and reflecting on the country’s culture of respect for space and privacy.

With fifty-seven pods, the establishment ensures personal space and tranquility, distinguishing itself from typical hostel environments. This concept not only showcases Japan’s inventive lodging solutions amidst urban spatial limitations but also offers travelers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the futuristic aspects of Japanese culture, all while remaining conveniently close to their next flight.

Ngurah Rai International Airport(DPS)

In October 2022, Ngurah Rai International Airport/Bali Airport launched a unique accommodation option with the installation of the Capsule Hotel, diverging from the typical GoSleep Pods or EnergyPods found in other airports. Unlike the futuristic single-pod design, Bali’s Capsule Hotel boasts mini-suite like pods articulated in a compact, rectangular space.

Specifically designed for travelers in need of short rest periods, the interior resembles more of a snug space rather than a full-fledged room, with a total of 132 capsules categorized into superior and premier classes. This initiative strategically positions Bali Airport alongside Istanbul Airport, providing a significant number of sleeping pods available to passengers.

With support from the Indonesian Government, this move aims to rejuvenate the tormented tourism sector of Indonesia, severely hit by travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The affordability and convenience of these sleeping pods, with prices starting at just $17 for a 6-hour stay, showcase an innovative response to enhancing passenger comfort while attempting to boost tourist arrivals to the island.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has introduced Capsule Hotels, offering a comfortable and private rest space for travelers. These capsules are larger than the traditional GoSleep pods, providing a full-size bed with complete bedding, ample storage options, and customizable temperature and lighting controls to enhance passenger comfort.

Operated by Avagrand, a local Thai hotel operator, these pods are situated past the immigration and customs area, requiring some transit time for international travelers to access.

What sets these sleeping pods apart is the remarkable level of cleanliness and roominess, offering a significant upgrade from other airport sleeping solutions. Each pod is equipped with USB charging ports, free WiFi, soundproofing, comfortable bedding, complimentary flip flops, and a locker for storing personal items securely.

Review highlights include the capsules’ ultra-cleanliness, quiet environment ideal for sleeping, and the convenience of being located close to food options and basic amenities. While there are some cons noted, such as the location’s distance from some terminals and a lack of bathroom facilities within the pod area, the pros significantly outweigh these minor inconveniences.

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