Bangkok Airport Sleeping Pods

Bangkok Airport sleep quality scores B or above average partly because of its ample sleep amenities including innovative sleep technologies such as the Avagrand’s sleep Capsule Hotel.

A layover in this airport isn’t as unbearable as you would expect of a 3rd world country. The sleep quality at BKK Airport is honestly much better than what you will find in some airports here in the US.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport stands out among several Asian airports for its significant advancements in innovative airport sleep technologies, including sleep pods, suites, and capsule hotels. This airport provides a warm welcome to travelers on overnight layovers, featuring plenty of armrest-free seating. Many of these seats are thoughtfully placed in private and quieter areas, enhancing comfort for guests.

What I found outright impressive is the capsule hotel found in its Terminal Basement. These 5 sleep capsules offered by Avagard have been a blessing for travelers who just need to rest and recharge during their layovers.

This guide provides detailed info on airport sleep technologies in Bangkok Airport with details on pricing, location, review and how to book. Let’s get started.

Does Bangkok Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has intalled sleeping pods which are compact suite spaces akin to those at Japan’s Narita Airport or the former SleepBoxes at Dulles Airport. They are relatively larger than Capsule-style sleep pods by GoSleep and feature a full bed and beddings.

Compared to GoSleep pods or RestWork’s MetroNap EnergyPods, Bangkok’s Capsule Hotels are more spacious, offer storage options and give you full control to control the environment temperature and lighting.

These mini-suites at Bangkok Airport are operated by Avagard Capsule Hotel which is a Thai Hotel operator.

They are are located after immigration, customs, and baggage claim. If you’re arriving on an international flight, it may take you at least 30 minutes to reach here. However, what sets these Bangkok Airport sleep pods apart is their exceptional cleanliness, unlike the GoSleep pods at JFK that JetBlue had installed before discontinuing them.

What’s unique about Bangkok Airport’s Sleep Pods?

Unlike other airport sleep technologies such as those by GoSleep which designs a futuristic reclining chair with a partial or fully enclosed privacy hood, the Avagard capsules are spacious and designed to fit in a single queen-sized bed. These pods are also equipped with various amenities I have shared below.

Below is an image showing the inside of a typical pod you’ll find here;

Avagrand Sleep Pod bed in Bangok Airport

I agree with Jordan Parker Erb of Insider Magazine who reviewed this pod exclaiming that the pod ” felt more like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie than a hotel room” in this review piece.

Below is an image that gives you an idea of what these sleep pods look like;

Bangok Airport Sleep Pod image looking like space ship

I found the pods to be similar to 9 hours Narita Sleep Capsules in Japan as they are stacked on each other unlike GoSleep pods which are individual standalone pods. More details on Japan’s Narita Airport capsule hotel here.

BKK Airport Nap Pod Amenities:

  • USB charing ports.
  • Bottled Water
  • Free WiFi
  • Soundproofing
  • 2 pillow
  • Bedding
  • Tissues
  • Ear plugs provided
  • Flip flops – note that shoes are not allowed on the pods
  • Lights: overhead lights, reading lights, and mirror lights(behind the mirror)
  • Sleep mode button to turn off all the light
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary flip flops
  • Complimentary locker measuring 54 by 54 by 77 cm to store your bags and comes with a 4-digit passcode which you set up. If you have a bigger bag, you can get an even bigger locker measuring 31 by 103 by 77 cm which can fit up to 3 suitcases.
Avagrand Capsule Hotel in Bangok Thailand Instruction Guide
USB Outlet at Bangok Airport Sleep pod

Review of Bangkok Airport Capsule Pods:


  • Very clean -Unlike the GoSleep Pod by JetBlue at JFK, where travelers were required to clean their pods, the pods are disinfected for you.
  • Plenty of lighting with ambient light and controls to easily adjust
  • Quiet and idea to sleep in – Can barely hear movements outside
  • Close to 711 – plenty of food options
  • Full privacy with sliding opaque door


  • Located far from most terminals but there is clear directions
  • Lack of privacy until you get inside the pods – the pods are located right in the middle of the hallway
  • No windows but it is well ventilated
  • Some users complained that it is a bit pricey
  • Some travelers complained of slow WiFi but this may be the case when you try to stream movies on Netflix
  • No showers
  • Only one guest allowed into the pod unlike Minute Suites which allow up to 4 guests in their suites.
  • No bathroom as Minute Suites but the bathroom isn’t far from the pods

Video Review of BKK’s Sleep Pods:

Bangkok Airport Sleeping Pod Price

You can stay up to 7 hours during the day or up to 15 hours overnight. The 7-hour day-use access is THB 900 ($25) and can book from 10 am to 5pm and overnight 15-hour access is THB 2200 ($60) and can access it from 6pm to 9 am.

Here is a link to book on or can check out the reviews on Tripadvisor here.

Below is a snapshot showing booking details for the standard overnight capsule;

Capsule Rates at Bangkok Airport for Lower Unit Overnight
Capsule Rates at Bangkok Airport for Lower Unit Overnight

Below is a snaphot showing the 7-hour day rate for the capsules;

Snapshot showing the day rates for the capsule at BKK Airport
Snapshot showing the day rates for the capsule at BKK Airport

Location of Bangkok Airport Sleep Pods:

This pod is conveniently located on Floor B in the basement, just a short walk from your gate. You’ll be able to reach this place in a matter of minutes, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. It is situated on the Landside, Basement Floor, Airport Rail Link within Suvarnabhumi Airport, providing easy access to various transportation options and facilities within the airport premises.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport:

If you would rather not spend money paying for BKK Sleep pods, you can sleep at free spots at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport’s designated rest zones.

These designated rest spaces have reclining leather chairs located in Concourses B and D, and will give you a very comfortable spots to unwind before their flight.

You can sleep overnight at BKK by taking advantage of the ample seating and secluded spots, including armrest-free benches, padded benches, and couches. Some notable spaces include in Floor 3 and 7 and in the Basement between Doors 7 and 10.

Below are some of the best sleeping places at BKK:

Basement Level

  • Near 7-11: Highlighted for its quieter environment and comfortable temperature range. It’s less crowded and has many seats without armrests, making it a preferred spot for resting. Note the absence of toilets on this level and the area being brightly lit.

Observation Deck

  • Known for being very quiet and dark, suitable for those who prefer floor sleeping. This area is warmer than others, so it’s good if you’re looking for a less cold spot. It’s mentioned as an overall great, safe place for sleeping.

3rd Floor

  • Domestic Food Court Area: Recommended especially past midnight when there’s minimal foot traffic. Offers plenty of outlets for charging and is considered one of the quieter areas for a good night’s sleep.

1st Floor

  • Magic Food Court: Operating 24 hours, it provides cheap eating options and is quieter. It’s also mentioned as a place where the staff restaurant located in the basement offers affordable food choices in a less expensive setting than the second and third floors.

Sleep Pods Alternatives in Bangkok Airport:


Though not the cheapest option (2800 baht for 4 hours), it offers privacy and a clean space. However, noise can be an issue due to thin walls and proximity to airport announcements.

Boxtel are on the Basement (B) Floor, just a short walk from the Airport Link ticket center and shop, approximately 30 meters away. As you make your way, you’ll notice Boxtel on the left-hand side. Each of their rooms is soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning, a comfortable bed complete with a microgel blanket and pillow, complimentary WiFi, a work desk, an alarm clock, and key card access. Restrooms are shared among guests. The rental rates are around $31 for every 4-hour block of time.

Boxtel has a bit more room than Avagrand’s pod and has a desk and a shelf area with a traditional bed setup.

You can check the rates here.

Miracle Transit Hotel:

If you prefer a more traditional hotel experience, consider the Miracle Transit Hotel located inside Bangkok Airport. Situated on the Airside of the 3rd Floor in the International Departures Hall, specifically Concourse A, this hotel offers day use rooms for 4 to 12 hours. Along with its convenient location, the hotel provides amenities such as a beauty salon, sauna, spa, free WiFi, and duty-free shops. It’s important to note that due to its placement inside Suvarnabhumi’s transit area, only passengers in the secure zone can access the hotel.

Check rates for Miracle Transit Hotel here.

Other hotels:


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