Which Airlines Have Sleeping Pods?

If you are traveling through an airport, or even flying and wondering if your airline has or provides sleeping pods for clients during flights or during layovers, this guide provides comprehensive information on the airlines offering sleeping pods for passengers.

What are sleeping pods?

Sleeping pods are small private spaces or enclosed cabins that passengers can rent by the hour in order to relax and sleep in a quiet environment. They are usually designed with comfortable seating and may also feature LED lighting, charging ports, wifi access, air conditioning, and other amenities.

Benefits of in-flight sleeping pods:

  • Increased comfort and privacy for those who want to rest
  • Avoid jet lag due to the ability to relax in a quiet environment
  • Reduced fatigue from long flights or layovers
  • Improved productivity after arriving at your destination feeling well rested

So which airlines have sleeping pods on their flights?

In their May 2023 announcement, Air New Zealand revealed their plan to introduce in-flight sleep pods. These cozy pods will be available for a four-hour session at a cost ranging from 400 to 600 New Zealand dollars. Below is a snapshot from the press release as reported by CNBC;

Read the press release here.

As you can imagine, this is a tall order for an airline to try and implement – the safety, comfort, and overall customer experience aspect must be on point. As of now, Air New Zealand is the only airline to have revealed plans for this kind of service; however, there are a few other airlines that offer sleeping pods as an in-flight amenity.

What’s the cost of sleeping pods in the flight?

According to the only airline that has revealed plans for this kind of service, Air New Zealand, the cost for sleeping pods will range from 400 to 600 New Zealand dollars. Of course, prices may vary depending on the time and duration of your flight.

Airlines Sleep Pods vs Airline Bed:

The main difference between an airline’s sleep pods and an airline bed is the size. Airline beds are usually much larger than sleeping pods, allowing passengers to fully stretch out and relax during their flight. However, sleeping pods offer more privacy as they are completely enclosed with no visibility from outside. This is great for those who need some extra privacy while flying.

All in all, sleeping pods are a great way for passengers to relax and get some rest while flying. They offer more privacy than airline beds and are more cost-effective for those who don’t want to splurge on a full-sized bed. While Air New Zealand is the only airline currently offering this kind of service, we expect other airlines to follow suit in the near future, offering passengers more options for their next flight.

Which airlines offer sleeping pods as an amenity?

Currently, only Air New Zealand has announced plans to introduce in-flight sleep pods as an amenity. However, some other airlines have been known to offer these kinds of services in certain parts of the world or for certain flights. For example, Lufthansa has offered sleeping beds on their long-haul flights in the past and Singapore Airlines offers them during layovers at Changi Airport. Emirates also offer sleeping pods at Dubai International Airport.

So, which customers will have in-flight sleep pods?

According to the press release, starting from September 2024, travelers flying from Auckland to Chicago and New York will have the opportunity to experience a new level of comfort in the sky. The carrier announced its plans for the introduction of sleeping quarters in 2022, aiming to provide passengers with an enhanced sleeping experience during their journey.

Auckland-Chicago flight takes about 16 hours 10 mins and is among the longest international flights and makes sense that Air New Zealand has chosen this route as the starting point for its sleep pod experiment.Air new zealand to introduce in-flight sleep pods.JPG

So, what will the Skynest be like;

Air Zealand has introduced their sleeping pods on flights, called Skynest. According to their plans, there will be six sleeping pods situated between the economy and premium economy seats. These pods can be booked for four-hour periods, with each passenger allowed one session per flight. Flight attendants will change the bedding between each session, with a 30-minute gap provided for the change-over. At the end of the four-hour period, the light in the pod will illuminate, or if the passenger is still asleep, a flight attendant will gently wake them up.

Airplanes with Sleep Bed:

Qatar Airways;

In 2018, according to CNN reports, the world of air travel witnessed remarkable advancements. Qatar Airways introduced the Qsuite, a revolutionary double bed in business class. Singapore Airlines unveiled their all-new A380 Suites, while Emirates showcased their fully-enclosed 777 seats, both redefining the concept of first-class comfort. These innovations have truly elevated the standard of luxury in the aviation industry, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Air France: La Première First Class

Another airline to provide a bed to its First Class customers is Air France. La Première customers can enjoy a fully-flat bed in the aircraft with 6.5 ft length and 30in width which makes it good enough to sleep in. The cabin crew also provides pajamas, slippers and duvet as part of the service. Apart from this, passengers are given a choice of pillows for added comfort.

JetBlue Mint Cabin:

The Mint Cabin by JetBlue is one of the most impressive features of its class. This cabin was launched back in 2021 and is available on select routes only. The seats are equipped with a full-flat bed, adjustable headrests, lumbar support and an 18in HD monitor. Furthermore, passengers can enjoy unlimited snacks and drinks as well as premium entertainment options like DirecTV and SiriusXM.

The sleeping pods provided by airlines are truly a dream come true for any traveler looking to catch up on some rest during their flight. Whether it is business or pleasure, customers will surely appreciate the comfort of sleeping in these luxury accommodations while flying. In 2023, the Pointsguy criticized JetBlue Mint’s wear and tear two years into its introduction.

Airlines with beds for Couples

  • Etihad Residence on the A380
  • Singapore Airlines’ New First Class Suites on the A380
  • Etihad First Class Apartments
  • China Eastern Airlines First Class
  • Emirates First Class Suites on the A380
  • Japan Airlines First Class
  • Air France La Premiere on the 777-300ER
  • ANA 777-300ER “The Suite” First Class
  • Cathay Pacific First Class
  • Lufthansa First Class
  • Korean Air First Class

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