12 Portland Airport Sleeping Pod Alternatives

Portland International Airport (PDX) has not yet invested in innovative sleep pod technologies, dedicated sleep areas, or transit hotels within the airport. Despite the absence of these specialized amenities, it is still possible to find comfortable spots to rest and sleep throughout the airport.

This Portland Airport Sleeping Guide provides detailed information on the best sleeping locations at PDX, including both landside and airside options, along with tips and recommendations for making your overnight stay as restful as possible. Whether you have a long layover, an early morning flight, or an unexpected overnight stay, this guide will help you navigate the airport’s facilities to ensure you get the best sleep possible.

What Kind of Pods are in Portland Airport? Escape Pods:

Portland International Airport (PDX) features 4 Escape Pods, which are tech-equipped workspaces designed for productivity rather than rest. These pods are not traditional sleep pods. PDX offers four Escape Pods located in Concourse C and E, providing a quiet space for making calls, sending emails, or charging electronics.

Escape Pods PDX Airport
Escape Pods at PDX Airport

Features of PDX Escape Pods:

Escape Pods are available for pre-booking and provide a private workspace, but they do not include amenities for sleeping, such as a bed.

Does Phoenix Airport Have Sleeping Pod ?

While Portland International Airport (PDX) does feature pods, it’s important to clarify that these are not designed for sleeping. Known as Escape Pods, they are essentially tech-equipped workspaces intended for productivity, not rest. Located in select terminals, these pods offer a private space for travelers to work, make calls, or charge their electronics.

Unlike airports such as Philadelphia (PHL) or Salt Lake City (SLC) which offer sleep pods like Minute Suites, PDX’s Escape Pods do not have beds or enough space to lie flat, making them unsuitable for proper sleep.

Unfortunately, PDX does not currently offer sleep suites like those provided by Minute Suites or sleep cabins like YotelAir. The ongoing PDXNext expansion plan, which focuses on enhancing the airport’s infrastructure and passenger capacity, does not include the introduction of sleep pods or similar facilities. We’ll update this post if sleep pod operators expand to PDX in the future.

PDX is undergoing a significant $2 billion expansion under the PDXNext program, expected to be completed by 2025. The project focuses on enhancing passenger capacity and infrastructure, but it does not include plans for sleep pods or a dedicated quiet zone. This omission from the master plan means travelers need to rely on other sleeping options within the airport, such as comfortable seating areas and nearby hotels

Current challenges mentioned by fliers include periodic security announcements, occasional vacuum noise, and the cold temperature due to air conditioning. These disturbances can make it difficult to get uninterrupted rest, even in the airport’s more comfortable sleeping spots.

Sleeping pods would address these issues by providing a private, quiet space insulated from airport noise and announcements. Equipped with climate control, sleeping pods would also offer a more comfortable temperature for rest.

Additionally, pods typically come with amenities like power outlets, secure storage, and even entertainment options, making them an ideal solution for travelers needing quality sleep during long layovers or overnight stays. Implementing such facilities at PDX would significantly improve the overall comfort and convenience for passengers seeking rest.

Can I Still Sleep in Portland Airport Overnight?

Yes. Portland International Airport (PDX) is open 24/7, but TSA security checkpoints and airline check-in counters are not. The operating hours for TSA security and check-in counters generally start around 4:00 AM and close around 11:00 PM, depending on the airline and flight schedules.

TSA Security Checkpoints:

  • Opening Hours: Typically open around 4:00 AM.
  • Closing Hours: Usually close around 11:00 PM.

Airline Check-In Counters:

  • Opening Hours: Most counters open around 3:30 AM to 4:00 AM.
  • Closing Hours: Generally close around 11:00 PM.

Guidelines for Travelers with Early Flights:

  1. Early Arrivals: If you arrive at the airport before the TSA checkpoints open, you will need to wait landside (pre-security) until the checkpoints open.
  2. Landside Sleeping Options: There are several comfortable sleeping spots landside, such as the mezzanine level of the main terminal, which is quieter and less crowded.
  3. Check-In and Baggage Drop: If you arrive before your airline’s check-in counters open, you will need to wait landside until you can check in and drop your baggage. Check with your airline for specific counter opening times.
  4. Preparation: Bring snacks, water, a blanket, and a pillow to stay comfortable while waiting. Most restaurants and shops are closed overnight, so it’s best to come prepared.

Additional Tips:

  • Security Announcements: Be prepared for periodic security announcements throughout the night, which can be disruptive to sleep.
  • Cold Temperatures: The airport can get chilly due to air conditioning, so dress warmly or bring extra layers.
  • Free WiFi: Take advantage of the airport’s free WiFi to stay connected while you wait.

By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, travelers with early morning flights can better manage their time and comfort while waiting for TSA and check-in services to open.

So Where Can I Sleep at PDX?

While Portland International Airport (PDX) does not have sleep pods or dedicated sleep areas, there are several comfortable and quiet spots that serve as excellent alternatives. Here is a list of the 12 best places to sleep in PDX, ideal for catching some rest during a layover or overnight stay:

Terminal C

  • Horseshoe-shaped Red Couches:
    • Location: Far end of Terminal C, next to a coffee shop.
    • Pros: Secluded, comfortable for long sleeps, low lighting.
    • Cons: Periodic security announcements.
  • Benches Behind Gates C21 and C19:
    • Location: Facing windows, behind the ticket counter.
    • Pros: Out of sight, low lighting, quieter due to distance from walkways.
    • Cons: Occasional vacuum noise.
  • Slightly Curved Benches Between Vino Volo and McDonald’s:
    • Location: Center of the walkway in Terminal C.
    • Pros: Comfortable for laying down, central location.
    • Cons: Busy during the day, not isolated.
  • Connected Soft Leather Seats Without Armrests:
    • Location: In front of gates 9 and 11.
    • Pros: Comfortable for sleeping, 3-4 seat connections.
    • Cons: Fire alarm tests at night can be disruptive.
  • Two Seats Near Gate C22:
    • Location: Concourse C, near Gate 22.
    • Pros: Limited armrests allow legs to stretch out, relatively quiet, safe.
    • Cons: Lights stay on, occasional noise from airport staff.
  • Seats at Gate C20:
    • Location: Near Gate C20.
    • Pros: Spacious seating, ability to stretch out.
    • Cons: Little privacy, lights stay on.
  • Benches Near McDonald’s:
    • Location: Terminal C, near McDonald’s.
    • Pros: Bench-style table allows for luggage storage underneath.
    • Cons: Very bright, lots of sounds.

Terminal D

  • Flat Seats Near Gate D13:
    • Location: Gate D13.
    • Pros: Armrest-free seating, allows lying down flat.
    • Cons: Bright lighting, eye mask recommended.
  • Armless Chairs in Terminal D:
    • Location: Throughout Terminal D, especially near security.
    • Pros: Comfortable, free WiFi, plenty of outlets.
    • Cons: Frequent announcements, occasional vacuum noise.
  • Couch Near Piano at D5:
    • Location: Close to piano at beginning of Concourse D.
    • Pros: Soft couch, comfortable for long rests.
    • Cons: None mentioned.

General Locations

  • Mezzanine Level of Main Terminal:
    • Location: Past baggage claim, up the stairs to the lost luggage room and conference center.
    • Pros: Quiet, out of the way, low lighting.
    • Cons: No couches, just the floor.
  • Downstairs by International Baggage Claim Area:
    • Location: Near international baggage claim.
    • Pros: Multiple rows of benches, some with arms, near power outlets.
    • Cons: Potential for occasional noise from nearby activities.

Additional Tips

  • Bring a Blanket and Pillow: The airport is air-conditioned and can get chilly.
  • Use Headphones or Earplugs: Frequent announcements and occasional vacuum noise can be disruptive.
  • Seek Armrest-Free Seating: Many seats in PDX have armrests; finding ones without can allow for better sleep.

How to Choose the Best Location to Sleep:

For Quiet:

  • Benches Behind Gates C21 and C19 (Airside):
    • Secluded with low lighting, away from main walkways.
  • Mezzanine Level of the Main Terminal (Landside):
    • Located past baggage claim, quieter and less crowded.

For Comfort:

  • Horseshoe-shaped Red Couches (Terminal C, Airside):
    • Comfortable and centrally located, ideal for a cozy spot.
  • Flat Seats Near Gate D13 (Airside):
    • Armrest-free, allowing travelers to lie down flat.
  • Connected Soft Leather Seats Near Gates 9 and 11 (Airside):
    • Comfortable and conducive to sleep despite occasional noise.

For Temperature:

  • Dress in Layers and Bring a Blanket:
    • The airport can get cold due to air conditioning; being prepared with warm clothing and a blanket is essential.

For Accessibility:

  • Beaches Restaurant Area (Landside):
    • Adirondack chairs available after the restaurant closes, close to TSA.
  • Hampton Inn Portland-Airport:
    • 1.0 miles from the airport, offering convenience and comfort with a shuttle service.

For Convenience:

  • Radisson Hotel Portland Airport:
    • 1.3 miles from the airport, offers easy access and excellent customer service.
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Airport:
    • 1.1 miles from the airport, with an early airport shuttle and free breakfast.

For Power Outlets:

  • International Baggage Claim Area (Landside):
    • Multiple rows of benches with nearby power outlets.

For Late Night Arrivals:

  • Red Lion Hotel Portland Airport:
    • 1.0 miles from the airport, provides a good option for late check-in.

By considering these locations based on your specific needs—whether it’s quiet, comfort, temperature control, accessibility, or convenience—you can ensure a better sleep experience at Portland International Airport.

Reviews of PDX’s Sleep Quality:


  1. Cleanliness: The airport is well-maintained and clean, contributing to a more pleasant sleeping environment.
  2. Comfortable Seating: Numerous armrest-free benches and connected soft leather seats provide comfortable sleeping options.
  3. Safety: Travelers generally feel safe sleeping overnight, with airport staff being non-intrusive.
  4. Quiet Corners: Certain areas, such as the mezzanine level and benches behind gates, offer low lighting and quieter surroundings.
  5. Free WiFi: Access to free WiFi allows travelers to stay connected while resting.
  6. Helpful Staff: Airport staff are known to be accommodating and helpful, enhancing the overall experience.
  7. Easy Navigation: The airport’s layout is easy to navigate, making it simple to find suitable sleeping spots.
  8. Seclusion: Some areas, like the spots behind ticket counters, offer a sense of privacy and seclusion.
  9. Availability of Power Outlets: Many sleeping areas are equipped with power outlets, allowing travelers to charge their devices while they rest.


  1. Periodic Announcements: Frequent security announcements can be disruptive to sleep.
  2. Vacuum Noise: Cleaning crews’ vacuuming can create noise that disturbs rest.
  3. Cold Temperature: The airport can get quite chilly due to air conditioning, making it uncomfortable without extra layers.
  4. Limited Food Options Overnight: Most restaurants and shops close between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, leaving few food options during late-night hours.
  5. Bright Lighting: Lights remain on throughout the night, making it difficult to sleep without an eye mask.
  6. Lack of Sleeping Pods: The absence of dedicated sleeping pods or private spaces means less comfort and privacy.
  7. Construction Noise: Ongoing renovations can cause additional noise and disruption.
  8. Limited Charging Stations: Not all sleeping areas have convenient access to power outlets.
  9. Loud Airport Staff: Occasionally, airport staff can be heard watching videos or talking without using earphones.
  10. Limited Privacy: Some sleeping spots are in high-traffic areas, offering little privacy for travelers.

On-going Construction at PDX May be a Sleep Nuisance:

While Portland International Airport (PDX) offers various comfortable and quiet sleeping spots, travelers should be aware that noise levels may be elevated due to ongoing construction (as of May 2024).

Currently, terminals D and E are not connected to terminals B and C, and the A gates have been temporarily removed. This construction, expected to be completed in the Fall of 2024, has created a more chaotic environment, particularly affecting the typically quieter areas.

What this means as you prepare for PDX layover sleep: Get Headphones!

For a quieter sleep experience during this period, consider the benches behind gates C21 and C19 or the mezzanine level of the main terminal, which are farther from the construction zones.

Despite the disruption, travelers can still find comfort in the horseshoe-shaped red couches in Terminal C or the flat seats near gate D13. It’s advisable to bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to mitigate the construction noise and ensure a more restful sleep.

Snapshot Showing Map of Phoenix Airport and Areas Currently Under Construction
Snapshot Showing Map of Phoenix Airport and Areas Currently Under Construction

Alternatives to PDX Nap Pods: Hotels Near PDX

Radisson Hotel Portland Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free shuttle available; reserve ahead at the front desk.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers needing convenient access to the airport.
  • Additional Features: Quiet, relaxing atmosphere with excellent coffee machines.
  • Check rates

Best Western Plus Portland Airport Hotel & Suites

  • Shuttle Service: Free shuttle service, highly praised for accommodating staff.
  • Suitability: Great for both airport and rental car returns.
  • Additional Features: Clean and quiet, with nearby dining options.
  • Check rates

Clarion Hotel Portland Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free shuttle service.
  • Suitability: Convenient for access to Columbia Gorge and downtown Portland.
  • Additional Features: Scenic views, comfortable accommodations.
  • Check rates

Hampton Inn Portland-Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free, efficient shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Excellent for early morning flights; close to shops and restaurants.
  • Additional Features: Clean, professional staff, convenient location.
  • Check rates

La Quinta Inn and Suites By Wyndham Portland Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers with quick access to the airport and I-205.
  • Additional Features: Hot and cold breakfast options, prompt shuttle service.
  • Check rates
Hotel NameAddressFree ShuttleDistance from AirportAverage RatingReview Highlights
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Portland International Airport, OR7025 NE Alderwood Road, Portland, OR 97218Yes0.9 miles4.5 starsPleasant and professional staff, safe environment
Radisson Hotel Portland Airport6233 NE 78th Ct, Portland, OR 972181.3 miles4.5 starsExcellent customer service, beautiful breakfast with a lake view
Hampton Inn Portland-Airport8633 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97220Yes1.0 miles4.0 starsConvenient, spacious, clean
Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Airport7900 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220-1388Yes1.1 miles4.5 starsEarly airport shuttle, clean rooms, free breakfast
Residence Inn Portland Airport at Cascade Station9301 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220-68221.4 miles4.5 starsFriendly staff, clean and quiet rooms, ADA accessible
McMenamins Kennedy School5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211-73022.3 miles4.5 starsUnique repurposed building, great for lunch
Hyatt Place Portland Airport / Cascade Station9750 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220-68271.7 miles4.5 starsProximity to airport, nearby restaurants
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel8235 Northeast Airport Way, Portland, OR 97220Yes0.9 miles4.0 starsConvenient location, friendly staff
Best Western Pony Soldier Inn – Airport9901 Ne Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97220-33232.4 miles4.0 starsClean, quiet, medical provider discount
Red Lion Hotel Portland Airport7101 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220-13101.0 miles3.5 starsClose to airport, late check-in available
Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station9920 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220-68281.8 miles4.0 starsGreat option near PDX, modern amenities
Holiday Inn Portland-Airport (I-205), an IHG Hotel8439 NE Columbia Boulevard, Portland, OR 97220Yes1.7 miles4.0 starsClose to airport, good during snowstorms

Conclusion: Summary of PDX Accommodation Options

Portland International Airport (PDX) offers various accommodation options for travelers needing rest, though it currently lacks certain modern sleep facilities like sleep pods or a dedicated quiet zone. This summary provides an expert overview of the available sleeping arrangements at PDX, from free hidden spots within the terminal to nearby hotels with convenient shuttle services.

Accommodation CategoryDescriptionAvailability
Sleep Pod/Capsule HotelCompact, private sleeping spaces within the airportNot Available
Free Designated Rest AreasEquipped sleep/quiet zones within airport terminalsNot Available
Free Non-Designated/Unequipped Hidden SpotsIdentified spots within airport terminals based on flier feedbackAvailable
Transit HotelConvenient hotels within the terminal for short staysNot Available
In-Airport HotelHotels within walking distance from terminalsNot Available
Nearby HotelsHotels near the airport, often with free shuttle servicesAvailable

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