Bangkok Airport Smoking Areas Guide

If you have a layover or just connecting your flight through Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, Thailand and wondering where Bangkok Airport smoking rooms are, this guide will give you all the information you need.

Is Smoking Allowed in Bangkok Airport

As per the Tobacco Products Control Act enacted in 2017, smoking is strictly prohibited in public areas, including airports, in Thailand. This includes all sections of Bangkok Airport, both pre and post-security. You’ll see several warning signs at the airport urging fliers to adhere to this regulation for the well-being and comfort of all passengers.

In 2017, the Thai Parliament passed one of the strictest Tobacco Products Control ACT B.E. 2560 (2017) which went into effect immediately and banned smoking in public places including airports.

The 2017 ACT which effected the ban defined tobacco products as follows;

“means the product containing tobacco leaves or Nicotiana tabacum, including any other product containing nicotine to be used either by smoking, sucking, inhaling, chewing, eating, blowing or spraying into the mouth or nose, applying on skin, or by other means in order to obtain the same result.”

Below is a snapshot of the ACT with the definition of tobacco products;

Snapshot from Thailand's Tobacco Products Control Act of 2017 banning smoking in airports and all public areas.

This definition leaves it wide open for some to interpret that vaping may be allowed but the Thai Government gave a clarification that vaping falls under the definition above despite not being explicitly stated.

Henceforth, the sale and import of vaping products are strictly prohibited, carrying the weight of significant fines and potential imprisonment for offenders. Furthermore, vaping in public spaces is unequivocally banned, with penalties imposed on those who transgress this legislation.

Don’t try Smoking Illegally in Bangkok Airport:

While it may be tempting to bring your vaping device and e-liquids when traveling to Thailand, I strongly advise you against it. If you are caught with vaping products at the airport, they will be confiscated, and legal repercussions may ensue. According to the law, individuals may face a fine of up to 30,000 Baht (approximately $1,000) and/or a maximum imprisonment of 10 years.

The ban on vaping didn’t come with the 2017 ACT. The ban on vaping dates back to 2014.

image showing all banned smoking products in thailand

You can read the entire Tobacco Control Products ACT here.

Thailand’s commitment to no-smoking policies:

The ban on smoking at Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is a result of the country’s strict tobacco control laws. Thailand has been implementing anti-smoking policies since 1992, including a nationwide smoking ban in public spaces in 2002. This ban was extended to airports in 2017 with the enactment of the Tobacco Control Products Act.

Is Smoking Allowed in Bangkok Airport?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public spaces in Thailand, including airports like Bangkok Airport. Unlike airports in the US that provide designated smoking areas and regulations allowing smoking in certain areas, Bangkok Airport has a zero-tolerance policy for smoking in public spaces. Violators of this law can face imprisonment as a consequence.

Are there smoking rooms at Bangkok Airport?

No, there are no designated smoking rooms in Bangkok Airport. As mentioned earlier, smoking is strictly prohibited in all public spaces, including the airport premises. This means that travelers cannot smoke while waiting for their flight or even after landing at the airport.

Where to smoke in Bangkok Airport:

Here are a few recommendations from fellow smokers on how to find a bit of privacy away from the crowded airport terminals, allowing you to enjoy a smoke while bypassing the public smoking restrictions;

Smoking Before Security at Bangkok Airport

The first smoking spot before security is around the bus stop for the S1 bus to Khaosan on the lowest level.

Another spot to get some puffs before security is on the ground floor at entrance 8 (where the buses start). There’s a pedestrian way over the road to the parking facility. Just follow it across the road and you’ll find a smoking area on the right, next to the entrance of the parking lot.

Before Security, you can also go on the landside. There’s a smoking corner at the very end of the curb near door 1 (on the other end of the building, near door 10). You’ll find ashtrays there, but it’s more of a “tolerated” situation rather than an “official” one. Just so you know, the airport guard staff usually direct passengers there if they want to smoke.

Smoking after Security at Bangkok Airport:

There is a lot more security after security as you approach your boarding gate and the smoking locations are not there. There used to be a smoking area in the Miracle Lounge near gate G2 but some updates from early 2023 indicate that this was closed.

After security, smoking is strictly prohibited in Domestic (Gate A) and Concourses C, D, E, F, and G (International) at this airport. There are no designated smoking rooms or areas available. It is important to note that attempting to smoke illegally is not feasible, as there are numerous smoke alarm detectors in place and terminal security is highly vigilant.

Your best location to smoke is to find spots before security either at the bus stop for the S1 bus to Khaosan on the lowest level or at entrance 8 near the parking facility.

What next?

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