Houston Airport Sleep Pods

If you find yourself with a layover at Houston Intercontinental Airport, now called George Bush Intercontinental Airport, it’s worth noting that the sleeping conditions in this airport are a little above average scoring a C. The airport offers basic sleep amenities like limited armrest-free chairs and does not have designated rest zones which traditionally made …

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IGA Pods + Other Sleep Options

Istanbul Sleep Pods

Among the progressive airports in Southern Europe is Istanbul Airport with the installation of innovative airport sleep technology called sleep pods in its IGA Lounge. Unlike other airports such as JFK’s Escape Pods operated by a third party, it appears that the Istanbul Airport operator manages the pods and is responsible for maintaining them. In …

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Phoenix Airport Doesn’t Have Sleep Pods or Suites: Alternatives

Phoenix Airport scores an E rating in terms of airport sleep quality with no designated resting zones and minimal armrests-free chairs. The airport management hasn’t made any progress innovating to introduce innovative airport sleep technologies such as sleeping pods, suites, sleep capsules or cabin hotels. In this article, I explain the lack of sleeping pods …

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Bali Airport Sleeping Pods + Alternatives

Bali Airport Sleeping Pods

If you have a layover at Bali Airport(DPS), you should get some sigh or relief knowing that this airport has installed innovative sleeping pods in the form are small rectangular capsules fitted with complete sleep facilities. Although the high temperatures may impact your sleep at airport terminals, the pods are temperature controlled and super comfortable. …

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Bangkok Airport Sleeping Pods

BangKok Airport Sleeping Pods Guide

Bangkok Airport sleep quality scores B or above average partly because of its ample sleep amenities including innovative sleep technologies such as the Avagrand’s sleep Capsule Hotel. A layover in this airport isn’t as unbearable as you would expect of a 3rd world country. The sleep quality at BKK Airport is honestly much better than …

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Sleep Pods at Gatwick Airport + Alternatives

image showing Standard sleep capsule at Gatwick Airport

Got a layover at Gatwick Airport and need an in-terminal hotel or some futuristic sleeping pods? Well, you’re in for a treat! Although Gatwick has made some progress in improving its accommodations for travelers, it still falls significantly short of meeting the demand for bed capacity to satisfy the millions of passengers passing through the …

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Which Airlines Have Sleeping Pods?

Banner image for blog about airlines with sleep pods on their flights

If you are traveling through an airport, or even flying and wondering if your airline has or provides sleeping pods for clients during flights or during layovers, this guide provides comprehensive information on the airlines offering sleeping pods for passengers. What are sleeping pods? Sleeping pods are small private spaces or enclosed cabins that passengers …

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Philadelphia Airport Sleep Pods/Minutes Suites Guide

Minute Suites Philadelphia Airport - Blog Banner Image

If you’re traveling through Philadelphia International Airport, you’ll want to check out the Minute Suites. These comfortable and convenient mini-suites can make your time in the airport much more pleasant. Here’s what you need to know about them at Philly Airport.  Does Philadelphia (PHL) Airport have sleep pods or Minute Suites? Yes, Philadelphia Airport does …

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